Own web-based prototyping setup

Potential improvements

Related tools Im using

Vi + Semantic Web + AWS + OVH + Shell + Vimperator Tridactyl + Processing + Tools in general

Seedea content

Own tips & tricks

  • grep -d recurse FunctionName *.extension_of_header_files

Learning and teaching


Based on 1 single principle

  1. removing layers of non feedback

resulting in live coding practices specific to domains of interests

See Inventing on Principle by Bret Victor, CUSec 2012


Inspired by

Live coding for Music with ChucK.

See also


  • Dont Repeat Yourself (DRY)
    • Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.

Key abbreviations

Practical Overviews

Tools, IDE, community websites, ...

Code re-use

Note that this should include search first across own produced code including code within this wiki (most likely in this Tools group), own repositories (cf Mercurial or Fossil), past projects, etc...

Live coding

  • documentation ready
  • REPL
    • keep the history for further study
  • safe closure (VM, jails, zones, ...)
  • during live demo
    • uses a transparent terminal/console with notes hidden behind it
      • not distracting for the audience (unlike constant apps switching)
      • predictable for everybody
      • relaxing for the presenter, nothing to forget and flexible flow (interruptions or new ideas are ok)
  • learn from Wikipedia:Hackathon and its good practices

Software communities

Notes on programming languages used



Used in Mathematics#Statistics and FinancialTools.


Good practices


Formal methods

Modeling languages

UML (now with Executable UML), ...


  • Languages focusing on human languages but with links to semantics, grammar, vocabularies, etymology, semiotics, ...

Grammar and parsers


Language mechanics

general overviews

New languages

Designing a new language

Fundamental data structures


Fundamental Concepts

Logic , Type theory, Category Theory,Knowledge / Information Theory

Technological roadmaps

Fundamental paradigms


  • Algorithmica an international journal which publishes theoretical papers on algorithms that address problems arising in practical areas, and experimental papers of general appeal for practical importance or techniques.

Hardware specific

From the closest to the hardware to the largest architecture (following the guiding principle of LayeredModel).

See also

IT framework = strategical choice

  • principle
    • avoid sterile discussions as battles of positions
  • solution
    • software either as a craft or as a production process, requires tools and your framework will have a great impact on the result. Consequently is it a real investment and has to be done as such with an estimated ROI.
    • list key components for the rational choice of a framework based on the
      • environment : internal politics in the team, external politics in the industry, available skills, ...
      • type of project : complexity, size, costs, deadline, minimum life time, ...
    • list key languages and their properties
      • available libraries, size of community, supported paradigms, quality of the documentation, supported platforms, ...
    • give estimates when no data is available
    • map languages with components
    • provide an explained choice
  • references

See the more general Slideshows#StrategicIT that aims at studying the industry and its actor, not solely the languages and frameworks.


Entire stack

Principle : the complexity is growing through SaaS, PaaS and all kind of "new" vendors of solution. Knowing "the stack" is consequently still fundamental to stay efficient regarding the architecture and its performance but also the cost.

To integrate: Wikipedia:Solution stack, Wikipedia:Protocol stack, Wikipedia:Call stack, Wikipedia:OSI layer, Wikipedia:Cloud computing#Layers, Wikipedia:Personal computer hardware

Software stack

Network stack

  • model
    • OSI layers, ...
  • tools
    • WireShark, ...

And "integrated" http://openstack.org

Hardware stack

  • model
  • tools
    • hard to monitor so consider visualization in virtual world (pedagogical tool)

Synthesis of all previous 3


To do

Organize the following links


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.