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Create an economically self-sustaining (learning) system.




  1. generate a new bank account
  2. set up a cloud service with this bank account
  3. select a statistical analysis framework
  4. install it on the cloud service
  5. start the framework to issue and log decisions
  6. set up a finance API with this bank account
  7. issue trades resulting from generated decisions*

Single simulation refinement

  1. set up the raw version
  2. replace the finance API by a virtual portfolio APIpt

Multi simulations refinement

  1. set up a single simulation version
    1. duplicate it changing the model used
  2. order the resulting models based α
    1. overall performance
    2. minimum risks

Mult-agent refinement

  1. run the raw version
  2. add external information APIs
  3. order by return on investment
    1. re-allocate resources accordingly K

All those, especially the Multi simulations refinement, can benefit from the FOSS community model and, for example, exchange simulations results (or even trade them but this, not gaining from others simulations).

"Finance or real"

Note that this last step is precisely what differentiate a "classical business" that does produce physical good or services by producing a margin. In this situation the core competency is strictly financial instead of being secondly financial (managing the margins).

Consequently the same overall system could be used to other businesses by changing this final step to the core competency of the corporation.

Cryptocurrency focus