1. Writing notes cost literally nothing (paper and computer space are both free)
  2. Time is the most precious asset
  3. free vs most precious thing = stop wasting your precious time and the time of your friends, write notes down.

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Content I am currently studying

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All books are not necessarily there, in particular books read in paper format. Finished books should be added to Google My Library (consider instead own Sphinxsearch) for later search with Keywords#inmybooks.

Consider the yearly overview.

This should instead be the pagelist inverse of

PriorityTitleNotescurrent pagechapterlast time read
1The Tinkerers Accomplicenotesp304/304ch11/1119/04/11
1Algorithms Of The IntelligentWebnotesp368/368ch7/715/04/11
2The Art Of Lean Software Developmentnotesp128/128ch9/913/04/11
3Seeing What's Nextnotesp352/352ch10/1016/03/11
5Ten-Day MBAnotesp400/400ch10/1004/02/11
7The Dark Side Of Creativitynotesp404/404ch20/2002/02/11
5Brain Rulesnotesp301/301ch12/1224/01/11
3The Society Of Mindnotesp338/338ch31/3131/12/10
1Tree Of Knowledgenotesp272/272ch10/1024/12/10
2La formation de l'esprit scientifiquenotesp256/256ch12/1219/10/10
4How Pleasure Worksnotesp280/280ch8/826/09/10
1Pursuit Of Truthnotesp121/121ch5/522/09/10
3Native Landnotesp308/308ch99/9916/09/10
2The Dark Side Of Googlenotesp78/78ch7/731/08/10
2Critical Playnotesp336/336ch8/827/08/10
1Being No Onenotesp700/700ch8/821/08/10
5Dead Citiesnotesp999/999ch99/9914/08/10
3How Life Imitates Chessnotesp240/240ch15/1529/07/10
2Turtles, Termites, And Traffic Jamsnotesp163/163ch5/529/07/10
4L'Architecture de survienotesp999/999ch99/9924/07/10
2Crucial Conversationsnotesp256/256ch12/1219/07/10
1Information Rulesnotesp352/352ch10/1014/06/10
2Managing Creativity And Innovationnotesp192/192ch8/810/06/10
5Petit eloge d'un solitairenotesp90/90ch10/1007/05/10
1The Innovative Enterprisenotesp224/224ch8/820/04/10
2The Myths Of Innovationnotesp192/192ch10/1020/04/10
2Blue Ocean Strategynotesp240/240ch9/916/04/10
1VC and the Finance of Innovationnotesp592/592ch24/2414/04/10
3A Brief History of Timenotesp212/212ch12/1205/04/10
3Introduction a la Finance et a l'Economie de l'Immobiliernotesp108/108ch5/525/03/10
2An Orchard Invisiblenotesp224/224ch17/1718/03/10
2Quantitative Tradingnotesp204/204ch8/828/02/10
1Knowledge and Its Limitsnotesp340/340ch12/1227/02/10
2Beautiful Codenotesp624/624ch33/3326/02/10
4Des mondes impossiblesnotesp170/170ch17/1724/02/10
7Behind The Mirrornotesp261/261ch15/1524/02/10
2Internet, révolution culturellenotesp100/100ch40/4021/02/10
2Programming For Peacenotesp461/461ch15/1507/02/10
7Elegant Solutionsnotesp219/219ch11/1102/02/10
6The Prehistory Of Languagenotesp365/365ch15/1526/10/09
3The Mathematician's Mindnotesp153/153ch10/1017/09/09
3Demons in Edennotesp196/196ch11/1104/09/09
1The Logic of Scientific Discoverynotesp545/545ch10/1015/08/09
3Never Eat Alonenotesp320/320ch31/3113/08/09
5Programming the Universenotesp152/152ch8/812/08/09
?The Red Queennotesp369/369ch11/1111/08/09
?Ancient Epistemologynotesp191/191ch8/809/08/09
?Foundations in Evolutionary Cognitive Neurosciencenotesp234/234ch8/807/08/09
?The Mating Mindnotesp462/462ch11/1107/08/09
?High-speed societynotesp325/325ch15/1505/08/09
2The Future of Ideasnotesp333/333ch15/ch1501/08/09
8The Code Booknotesp440/440ch8/830/07/09
2Intelligent Bioinformaticsnotesp295/295ch11/ch1108/07/09
3Information Feudalismnotesp266/266ch14/ch1425/06/09
7The Diamond Agenotesp472/472?31/05/09
6The Wisdom Paradoxnotesp337/337ch16/1615/05/09
2Battle of Cognitionnotesp272/272ch829/04/09
2Origins of geniusnotesp312/312ch719/04/09
0Philosophical Darwinismnotesp263/263ch4.VIII14/04/09
2Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and CultureLocal filesp495/495ch1914/04/09
4The Wisdom Paradoxnotesp337/337ch1631/03/09
0Supersizing The Mindnotesp317/317ch1115/03/09
9Little BrotherNotesp155/155ch2415/03/09
0The Structure of Scientific Revolutionnotesp227/227ch1101/02/09
7L'insurrection qui vientnotesp128/128ch1122/01/09
2The Mechanical Mind in Historynotesp469/469ch611/01/09
4Stigmergic Collaborationnotesp264/264ch4.2.509/01/09
1Game Theory At Worknotesp319/319ch1221/11/08

See also ThePhycisist's BookLog started on the same principal (might required a password)

Content finished recently without notes

Those are kept for reference for potential future discussion or writing.

To do

Check the complete listing started early 2009

Content I am currently scanning

Those are books that might read later on.

  1. The Economics of Creativity: Ideas, Firms and Markets edited by Thierry Burger-Helmchen, Routledge January 2013
    • motivated by the thought that economical constraints are key to artificial creativity
      • the same way that availability of resources matter in biological evolution
  2. Feeling Beauty : The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience by G. Gabrielle Starr, The MIT Press 2013
  3. The Happiness of Pursuit by Shimon Edelman, Basic Books 2012
    • read but no notes yet!
  4. Epistemology of the Cell: A Systems Perspective on Biological Knowledge by Edward R. Dougherty and Michael L. Bittner, Wiley-IEEE Press August 2011
  5. The Origins of Evolutionary Innovations: A Theory of Transformative Change in Living Systems by Andreas Wagner, Oxford University Press September 2011
    • discovered via
    • on biomimetics and design for technology see also Zann Gill's possible book added several years ago on this page
  6. Nature of Computation by Cristopher Moore and Stephan Mertens, Oxford University Press 2011
  7. Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology by Stephen Wilson MIT Press/Leonardo Books 2002
  8. Code/Space - Software and Everyday Life by Rob Kitchin and Martin Dodge, The MIT Press March 2011


Check the complete listing to see content that discarded and the associated reasons.

Content I am interested in

PS : read content is displayed like this

New content / Sources

Personalized recommendation engines

And in general Recked: A Night of Recommendation Technologies held in January 2009

  • SuggestRSS RSS Suggestions Based on Similarity (currently offline)
  • Toluu sharing the feeds you read and discovering new ones.




Produced content

Sharing refined content

To do

  • Should I only add what Im using on what I tried and dislike or what I should try?
    • Ex : Digg could be added to "General recommendation engines"
    • EX : StumbleUpon could be added to "Personalized recommendation engines"
  • Study how AGPL tools (Wish list and actual list) could fit in the picture
  • Integrate personal research on Personal Internet Memory alias PIM
  • Try Tarpipe: Simplify Your Social Media Workflow by Frederic Lardinois by ReadWriteWeb November 10, 2008
  • Don't forget what "cannot be seen" including filters (rinse feed, adblock, ...)
  • Based on my previous work on personal information flow/steam :
    • Template :
    • Example :
  • add more suggestion engines
  • add more serendipity engines (!)
  • copy the large blocks and put them in other page for potential inclusion
    • eventually trim them thanks to the line restriction
  • xFruits Compose your information system
  • change the Content I am currently studying/Finished to an automated system
    • PageList + Category
    • synthesize the page to PTVs and use it in MyLibrary system

Other tools from my cognitive scaffolding

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