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The page gathers notes from some of the books I have read (mainly since autumn 2008). See also the ToDo section to understand how this page should evolve.

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Philosophy: Who Needs It

Philosophy: Who Needs It by Ayn Rand - ISBN - Originialy published in 1982

Offered by Nathan.

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Lord Valentine's Castle

Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg, 1980


  • the mindset of juggling
  • travels accross world
  • memory loss and defining oneself

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Bio-mechanisms of Swimming and Flying

Bio-mechanisms of Swimming and Flying Fluid Dynamics, Biomimetic Robots, and Sports Science, by Naomi Kato and Shinji Kamimura - ISBN 978-4-431-73379-9 - Springer 2008

Motivation for reading this book

Thinking about Navier/Stokes equations during the 19 June 2009 session at the Brossolette pool and desiring to improve thanks to a better understand of fluid dynamics.


  • Part 1: Biological Aspects of Locomotive Mechanisms and Behaviors of Animals While Swimming and Flying
    • biological propulsion starting with simple micro-organisms to complex organisms
    • Chapter 6 - Mechanical Properties of the Caudal Fin Resulting from the Caudal Skeletal Structure of the Bluefin Tuna
  • Part 2: Hydrodynamics of Swimming and Flying
    • Chapter 12 - Studies of Hydrodynamics in Fishlike Swimming Propulsion
  • Part 3: Biomimetic Swimming or Flying Robots
  • Part 4: Sports Science
    • sports and simulation models
    • Chapter 29 - Analysis of Breast, Back and Butterfly Strokes by the Swimming Human Simulation Model SWUM

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To Do

  • Integrate with the sideway Firefox page (based on Seedea:Seedea/InputFirefoxSidebar) of recent readings.
  • export notes to annotations that can be layered on top of the original document
    • individual PDF
    • online libraries
  • mine the read books to find cross links in
    • references
    • authors
    • places
    • rare expressions
    • eventually using
      • Google Books
      • OpenSearch
      • Amazon SIP
      • OpenCalais
  • link to Seedea:Research.Bibliography
  • add Timeline of cosmology RSS feed to Bloglines
  • add precision regarding my notation format
    • <<some text quoted by the author>> is original quotation using french style quotes while "normal quotes" outside
    • italic is original by the author emphasis
    • bold text is personal emphasis
    • (p69) page number is always referring to the current book unless warned
    • quote including [bracketed text] means that text was changed to understand the quote partly outside of its context
      • most of the time the bracketed text also comes from the original text, only appearing before or after the quote
  • measure "information density" for each book
    • based on the number of quotation per unit? (page, chapter, ...)
    • not that this could also be used with Cognition#LearningNewLanguage if one consider this notion of information density as the inverse of the acquired vocabulary of a language
      • i.e. the less one masters the vocabulary used, the more dense the book will be
  • ask my former libraries to give me my data
    • listing of books I asked
      • dated
      • time
    • Les Cordeliers
    • IUT de Lannion library
      • no direct platform
    • UTC library
      • account "fbenetou" inactive
    • UTFPr library
    • BNF
      • account "Utopiah" active
    • template
      • Bonjour, je souhaiterais obtenir la liste des livres que j'ai pu lire dans le passe. Quel procedure dois-je suivre pour cela ? Cordiallement, moi.
    • use the result as a bootstrapping dataset for CausalReadingTree
  • consider dedicated pages for research articles and PhD thesis
  • integrate Path:/pub/My_Shelfari_Books.tsv

Update notes wrote before the proper template was done

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