The Wisdom Paradox, How your mind can grow stronger as your brain grows older by Elkhonon Golberg - ISBN 0743264010 - originally published by The Free Press 2005, Pocket Books 2007


Motivation for reading this book

Offered as a gift to my aging father for his 60ish birthday after watching and sharing with him the documentary The Wisdom Year (cf See also section). Aging and brain aging, as I consider it our most important organ regarding survival and competitive advantage, is not limited to the later part of life but is an on-going process. As so I wanted to understand how it went on, how I could help him but also myself.


  • Book overview (page11)
    • structure?
    • main thesis?
  • Epilogue: The price of wisdom
  • review
    • numerous schemas showing the different brain parts and how they evolve
    • the last chapters sounds a bit like an advertisement for his own workshops


  • 1 Introduction to Template
    • "interesting quote." (p1)
    • note
    • ...
  • 2 Interesting thing
    • (p20)

See also

Overall remarks and questions

  • this? that?


So in the end, it was about X and was based on Y.


Point A, B and C are debatable because of e, f and j.


(:new_vocabulary_start:) new_word (:new_vocabulary_end:)

Post-reading model

Draw a schema (using PmGraphViz or another solution) of the situation of the area in the studied domain after having read the book. Link it to the pre-reading model and align the two to help easy comparison.


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