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"Studies show that about 80% of material that people find on the Web about medical care is commercialy motivated either or not its identifiable as such." by John Abramson (cf Money Talks at about 30min45, documentary resources)

Key places

Places to check

Mini Med Schools - Community based - Big information corporation - Real-time information - Health software - Quality of life - Personal genomics - Exoskeleton - (radical) life extension - Sleep - Mood - Ergonomy - Impact of information technology on the brain

Academic research

Leading death causes

Overall interesting to track in order to counter any eventually media sensationalist bias.



Industry scandals

Personal health dashboard

Current diet

  1. about 3L of water (excluding beverages like coffe or tea)
  2. vegs/fruits
  3. nuts
  4. cheese, yogurt or milk nearly every day
  5. stay as low as possible on animal products, just what is required and delicious (meat/fish about once or twice a week)



  • 22/01/2012 : unrecorded distance (with Paola)

Core Muscle

Inline Skating

  • 26/10/2011 : ~1h on wet asphalt and slightly steeper surface


  • 26/01/2012 : 70min

To organize

To do

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