Legislative Routing

VPN, proxy, and all kind of traffic relaying services are the result of a legislative competition on top of a technical layer.

Note that a related routing protocol that would make packet follow the route the closer to their legislative would leverage related meta-data like the current law system in a country, the type of ISP, the type of AS, etc.

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Legal templates

e.g. Loi informatique et liberte (n78-17) in France allows you to ask the information provider to give you all the information concerning yourself. One could thus ask mailing list managers to ask where, when and how you supposedly subscribed to their services.

Since such activity are rather boring and repetitive, providing a set of templates for emails and other means would allow to more efficiently use the law. See also Legislative updates proposed later on.

Tools for term of contracts analysis would also be helpful here.

International map of hosting legislation

What can you host or not regarding the local and international law (including backbone, AS, underwater cables linking countries, etc).

Host ordered by popularity amongst non professionals (not corporations).

Motivated by OVH ToS clarification request and considering sending a similar email not just to Gandi but to hosts in Scandinavia.

Legislative updates

Use Yahoo! Pipes on Journal Officiel in France to get an RSS feed of updates including the word "Internet".

Consider doing so for others countries

  1. source URL
  2. pattern for cut /slice
  3. translation of the term to filter on

Have the entire result translated to English thus offering live international compendium of new Internet law.

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ToS/EULA tracking

  • increasingly important with cloud services hosting more and more private information
  • tools
    • GooDiff
    • TOSBack The Terms-Of-Service Tracker by the EFF
    • collaborative reading and analysis of ToS
  • Terms of Service; Didn't Read by Unhosted, inspired by Aza Raskin's Privacy Icons and EFF's TOSBack.

Temporary Internal-Internet

for Cognition#DedicatedCreativityTime

  1. download OwnWikisNetwork, my wikis backup
  2. modify my Wikipedia:Hosts file to point their respected DNS to
  3. modify my httpd configuration file accordingly
    1. Creating A Local Domain Using Apache Virtual Hosts, Appendix A, Zend Framework Book: Surviving The Deep End
  4. tests
  5. unplug
    1. or fake unplug through very restrictive Wikipedia:Hosts file

See also Greasemonkey#VirtualBlinders.


  • double-edge sword of innovation
    • constantly new usages and APIs facilitating the creation of value
    • yet at the same time constant instability
      • will this new framework be supported by the community?
      • will this new specification by supported by vendors?
      • e.g. CSS, HTML, etc...
  • real-time web

From personal use

Start with usage rather that a list of internal links.

Key resources on regulation

Deep linking

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To do

  1. integrate
    1. Seedea:Utopiahanalysis/UniNetVerseVisu
      1. in particular underwater cables and such maps I have on my wall in Langrolay
    2. InternetRevolutionCulturelle
  2. (fail?!)


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.