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(Purely) Virtual currency

peer-to-peer network based anonymous digital currency.

Ordered by size of capital and type (equity, loan, etc) or even source (LP, banks, crowd, etc).

Seed funding / Business angels

Venture capital

See also my notes VentureCapitalAndTheFinanceOfInnovation.

Crowdfunding / P2P Finance

Community funding for open projects

Social Lending and microfinance

  • Dr. Yunus and micro-credit received the nobel prize for peace in 2006 with P2P/Citizen Initiative growing on the web and p2pfoundation.net offering a rich starting point
  • PRETp2p - prêts de particulier à particulier / kiva.org / babyloan.fr (from iTele evening edition of the 14th of November)
  • as a solution to Money As Debt directed by Paul Grignon quoting at 32:05 :
    • "If some people within this money supply begin systematically lending money at interest, their share of the money supply will grow. If they continually re loan at interests all the money that gets paid back, what's the inevitable result? Weather its gold, theater, dept money, doesn't matter, the money lenders will end up with all the money. And after the foreclosures and bankruptcies are all filled, they will get the real property too. '''Only if the processes of lending money at interests were evenly distributed amongst the population would the central problem be solved.'"
  • Kiva Loans that change lives U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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