TypeContact informationUsage
real lifeBrussels, Belgium, Earth, Earth, The Orion-Cygnus Arm, Local Spur, right off The Sagittarius Arm, Milky Way, about 25,000 light years (give or take 1,000) from centerHugs, I guess.
emailfabien@benetou.frFor long texts. I usually answer as I have a small inbox.
Telegramhttps://t.me/FabienBenetouFor live chat. I do have notifications on. Fastest way to contact me.
SignalFabienBFor secured live chat. I do have notifications on.
Skypefabien.benetouFor live chat. No notification.
Twitter@utopiahFor short messages about my interests. Practical for a first note.
GitHubprofilelist of current and past programming related projects
LinkedInprofileformatted curriculum vitae with recent activities and online classes
BCE reference0652.664.401For business in Europe
Telephone+32 4 ...Belgian phone number, do text first before calling please.
reddituserlist of posts and comments
Online chat (aka IRC)chat as Utopiah on the Freenode network.I am connected 24/7 but I tend to sleep at night so just notify me and wait.
Slack@utopiah on Slack AframeVR / PebbleDev / WebVR / OpenBazaarFor creative coding discussions.
talkon my own serverFor direct conversations through ssh, you would know why would need it.
CouchSurfingprofilepersonal description and reviews
Wikipediaaccountlist of editions

Please Before contacting me consider my current task: (either available or asleep, Im usually on CET) and my timetable.


TypeContact informationUsage
Youtubechannelmostly videos on diving, Python Meetup, personal projects and the Science of Happiness
Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/benetou.fabienFor sharing unrealistic moments while pondering if others' life is representative.
Identi.cahttp://identi.ca/utopiahFor short messages about my interests. Practical for a first note.
VoIPsip:utopiah@ippi.frFor direct voice conversation.
ChangeTippagetip me Bitcoin page

Note that I do not use Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo!Messenger anymore.

If you want to use PGP check PGPPublicKey knowing it's probably outdated.

To do

  1. check http://protocol.by
  2. import contact information from SocialNetworks