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All "work" presented here which is
initiated by myself follows the
Free Art License .

  • VR-based
    • Technology trap, VR maze exploring the danger of technical support consumption
      • la personne se balade dans un labyrinthe, pas forcement le classique a souris en bois, qui represente sa vie et son utilisations des technologies
        • le rendre de plus en plus negative, gris, oppressant pour chaque technologie qui est consomme plutot que comprise, maitrisee ou controllee
        • remettre en question la technologie mais pas en soit mais dans leur utilisation et contexte social : la technologie ne rend pas heureux et ne libere pas en soit; la technologie, VR incluse, a le potentiel de construire comme de detruire y compris du lien social
      • visuel oppressant : labyrinthe beau, propre, bloanc ou colore mais avec de brefs moment d'inversion de couleurs, petit a petit la taille des murs augmente ou diminuent, etc
      • pour l'utilisation des techs ca peut etre symbolique, genre chaque technologie est une bulle de couleur ou explicite, e.g. lunettes AR -> FOV diminu
  • performance
    • tele-self-psychoanalysis
      • film oneself twice in the same space asking and answering pre-written questions and answers
      • closing with a mirror view on filming oneself
    • life and automation
      • the principle is to prepare entirely a period of time to have nearly no decision or action required
      • it would also involve some randomness or dynamic processes
      • some tasks could be too expensive to get done that way
        • writing down when, why and how it had been replace would do
        • e.g. in some situation calling a cab could be easier
      • for example I would plan a month
        • set up everything to automatically ask the grocery, pay for it, etc... every few days
        • a laptop directly buying the food, the laptop purchases and they deliver at home
          • there would be some actual programming required
        • subscribed to events
          • plan on how to get there in advance
        • once the month start I can not change or tweak that program
        • what if there is no salad in that shop? what if there is a new exciting event, what if a friend wants to invite to dinner, etc
      • expected outcomes
        • experiments with aging people showed that it's sense of self sustainancy and control was linked with perceived well being
        • feel within a nice predictive cocoon of control
        • stressful impatience to get to the end of the month to "patch" the program
        • Wikipedia:Expressive power on the self and of the self
        • state of the art on API outside of computer science, a logistic of life
      • means
    • ALife
      • write a program which only goal is to have a continuous flow of energy through itself (homeostasis then allostasis to produce negative entropy)
        • thus not stop running
          • thus if nothing else
            • then duplicate to another environment
            • if fails then forbid shutdown
            • if fails then etc...
  • visuals
  • aphorisms
  • concepts
    • Art category from Seedea
    • delayed (audio) life
      • record and play with a latency the sound of the environment you are exploring
      • technically
        • use to play the recording
          • noise canceling headsets
          • cheaper Koss SparkPlug
        • record using 2 microphones place on the header then either
          • buffer for the first X seconds with silence
          • replay a second time very small sections of the audio track until you reach the X seconds
        • then play what has been recorded
    • networked knowledge, a daily life situation
      • picture of a basic laptop on a desk with an opened PDF
        • drawing with an explicit drawing style (not photorealistic) behind the screen of colorful links associated
          • each word could link to its definition (via Wiktionary), connotation, or etymology (also via Wiktionary) or even popularity (via Google ngram viewer)
          • definitions, books, persons, ...
          • visualization could also put the text on a 2D space then translate than space along a third axis thus displaying the back and the lines for each word/ngram
          • the drawing style could also use a photorealistic rendering but with apparent mesh
          • the network of knowledge or rhizome could also be generated and display as augmented reality behind the laptop
      • inspired by
        • Lea's current work on "construction"
        • my 1 page cartoon on reading
        • an idea on vocabulary analysis (tool that would extract from it the most rare keywords and compare it to the user own vocabulary then provide from the most rare to the most common expressions their definitions)
      • extension
        • apply the same concept to
          • a book
          • a sheet of hand-written paper
          • a cup of coffe
    • exploration into meta-conceptual art
      • strings of bits labelled m (meaningless) and M (meaningfull)
        • each displaying patterns more or less easy to find



  • exploration
    • self-exploration
    • general exploration
      • e.g. questioning norms
  • escapism
    • e.g. "nobody can understand me"
  • fame

Consider psychological studies.

Art without IMPACT is not art.

Impact is far from being assimilable to popularity, acceptance or even rejection. It is rather a mean for a society to question itself by raising to the collective consciousness a fundamental question of the nature of this very society.

The limits of sensory aesthetics

Classical musical like colorful paintings with beautiful forms might despite their pleasing qualities be a hindrance toward other forms of beauty.

Becoming the most famous artist of your time

producing entirely new art that question the definition of art itself

  • requiring to
    • understand, not necessarily scholarly study, history of art
      • know what has be done before
      • what has not
    • have a grasp on the new technologies
      • their societal impact
    • produce the message to be shared in the most adapted to transmit the core idea

Note that one does not have to care at all about the art world in itself, the "industry" or the schools of art in the first place, if you do question art overall even if just for yourself, it should make everybody progress, you included. International recognition should be a consequences of it, not the initial motive. Consequently one can revolutionize the art world without doing anything altruistic or ego driven.

Beyond intuition

even aesthetics is experienced within a context, shaped by the current culture you live in even you do not consciously acknowledge it

It's probably easier to see today than in the past as you can hardly experience contemporary art without a solid background in history of art and even in pedagogy of art. Beuys? Duchamp? can one appreciate their without such analytical work? even Picasso, without a proper art education probably looks strange for most.

A very clever mind would by him or herself build an hypothetical model of the structure of the world of art, thanks to set of coherent inferences, including those trends/categories/...

On the risk of safety

Fine Art schools aims at providing the ideal environment for a creative mind to develop. Nurturing creativity, knowledge and production of truly new work. Giving to its student all the card they need to also navigate in the complex and changing world of art.

Yet, is all this also what could lead to its own demise? By providing this set of tools within a model of thinking, art schools also constraint the freedom of its members, its students as well as its professors.

First and foremost the notion of art itself as being established: by making art a "normal" part of society, is its value still present? If art challenges society itself, can society allow it to grow or on the opposite, would it be safer to manage it, just like all the other parts?

Artists and artworks

For other well defined forms of art including writing and music, see the Pieces Of Culture page.

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