QuantifiedSelfParis 2PM 10/06/2011

#QSParis on Twitter, identi.ca, Live Cast, TwitterStreamGraphs, Collecta, flickr

Own objectives

  1. comment la "democratisation"
    du mouvement pourrait s'organiser
  2. share my own experience
  3. get new ideas

Attended activities

Tour de table

  • interet des autres: health, motivation, senior, sport, web of data, web of objects, self management, human resources
  • Fabien Benetou, started a wiki 3 years ago and since then done my 21Kth edit
    • own tags: wiki memory creativity
    • presented at centre de recherche interdisciplinaire pour approche interdisciplinaire du web

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Resume du meetup Bay Area

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  • http://www.quantter.com
  • from business intelligence to personal intelligence
    • seems close to OurP.IM motto
  • instaGram pour les analyses personelles
  • motivation sociale en partageant sur son reseau social (e.g. Facebook)
  • importance des donnees dans un context

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  • http://www.withings.com
  • paradigme du flux des donnees plutot que de l'instantane
  • developper des produits ou objets plus que des services
  • presentation de tensiometre
    • risque si les mesures ne sont pas prises correctement
    • l'etallonage et la precision peut etre aussi synchroniser ou callibrer par rapport a son age, so position, son altitude, etc...
  • possible changement au niveau de la regulation sur le stockage des donnees generees localement
  • utilisation d'aggregation avec des universites americains
  • question sur la limitation des donnes en locale
    • consideration pour les utilisations ouvertes avec une API minimale


  • 42goals a simple tool for tracking daily goals
  • reference to the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • tracking items by type in one place
  • open API but no simpler way to export data
  • pre-defined set of templates

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  • MYBEW.com, Comparez-vous !
  • weekmate.com (@weekmate) for suggestions
    • score composite
  • suggestion sur les etudes de "gamification"
    • competiteur -> top10
    • social -> 5 devant moi et 5 derriere moi
  • bm
    • b2c dirct (abo)
    • b2b pol rh
    • edu nationale
  • suggestion d'une template par sport
    • e.g. piscine

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  • Biomouv bouger c'est essentiel
  • nutrition/sport
    • balance energetique
  • voir pour Exercises en particulier contre
    • l'ennui ou
    • le manque de progression

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • important business and dissemination aspect
    • official "On est la pour faire un petit de pub pour les startups."
    • pervasive 2-sided-market business model?
    • consequently is "community manager" the new salesman dedicated to crowds
  • presence d'ethonologue, psychologues, entrepreneurs, ... impression de se faire mesurer sur un nombre dimensions infinies par toutes les personnes presentes ;)
  • mention of BarCamp and community oriented yet
    • 0 presentation from "the public" and
    • a planning made before the event
  • does it deserve the name "QSParis" while the original Bay Area QS Meetup now has the rule that if you are selling something, you can not give a presentation?
    • eventually QS Conference but definitely not "QS Show&Tell"
  • mostly mainly about plotting personal data
    • Excel for the masses?
    • quid of knowledge? wisdom? (classical PIM questions)
  • recurrent question
    • iPhone support? Android support? open API? open data?
  • for democrazation via startups it is very interesting
    • regarding new practices and peer to peer exchange rather check #lifehacking ; PSES : /tmp/lab

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Other reviews or coverage

  • here

To do

  1. improve Template
  2. add map data (:ola-point lat= lon= text='':)
  3. share http://open.sen.se/ to Sylvain for his EDF counter arduino project
    1. could be interesting to extend CognitiveEnvironments#TasksByEfficiency
    2. overall consider my OurPIM:PIM/MembersTools#Domotics Objects#domotic
  4. "tweeter son poid" and in general public display as Seedea:Content/Newconcepts#SocialAllostasis
  5. own view that creativity as freedom is worth more than using existing services
    1. see OurPIM:Papers/LimitsOfNotReinventingTheWheel
    2. some endpoints can be delegated but not the core
      1. interconnection and decision of allocation
  6. explore http://explorateursduweb.com
  7. demo of http://u-ston-demo.comatelk.fr to measure happiness in the institution but not solely from the viewpoint of the manager
    1. used at EADS
    2. supposedly anonymous yet it is proportional to the number of people involved
      1. small social network are easy to infer
        1. cf De-anonymizing Social Networks by Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov, IEEE Security & Privacy '09
      2. actually to consider for StructuralInformationAsymmetries#Consequences as the "power" of hierarchies as ideal political OWF
  8. does democratization automatically imply
    1. dumbing-down
    2. lock-in
    3. to consider for
      1. the RMS/Albert Jacquard debate on BiensCommunsCognitifs] just after
      2. creativity overall