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Unlisted: PaPiRus (see Eink), PIcade, Petoi Bittle, ANAVI Fume Extractor, ANAVI Macro Pad 8, Lite3DP 3D Printer, Tomu



Gateway Things (WebThingsIO)

Formelly Mozilla Gateway Things

VR + Home Automation + Creativity for Mozilla Hubs Creator Meetup


  • IoT on HTC Vive for in-VR experiment environment modification
  • wifi = micropythoN
  • webrelp = python


  • NFC
    • e.g. applying CognitiveEnvironments on phone and appliances (laptop, domotic and related appliances on current location)
  • "physical" bitcoin wallet using RFID
  • random music
    • needs
      • continuous on the go music stream aiming toward a personal auditive aesthetic
    • solutions
      • multiple tracks
      • random generation
      • decide what a sample is
      • output sound (DSP?)
    • limits
      • required time to reach quality
    • suggestions
      • share result for live social interactions (Thomas)
  • health
    • needs
      • know when to take a pill (and when not to)
    • solutions
      • input pill X, Y, ... taken at timestamp Tx, Ty, ...
      • curves of upper limit and down limit
      • output visual and/or vibration as warning signal
    • limits
      • trust in the tool
    • suggestions
      • really adapted design
  • quantitative life
    • needs
      • be able to record quickly and in a very private way (nobody else has to know an event has been recorded) a non-predefined series of event
    • solutions
      • register button pressed with timestamp
      • output date
    • limits
      • memorization of the association of event/button required
    • suggestions
      • take a picture/scan of your own hand to really have the ideal shape
      • replace button with EEG/fMRI/...
      • ideas of applications
        • smiles, X calories, ideas, feelings, steps, learn something, healthy behavior, ...

Raspberry Pi



Add also conferences by MIT professor and Roomba CTO Rodney Brooks

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)


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