This page collect questions I am very interested in.

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Social organization

  • how are social system sensitive to initial conditions?


  • what is the epistemological impact of politics?
    • i.e. how are research budgets in the major university hosting the major laboratories with their team and equipment being impacted by new policies from elected governments
      • or through a different route, how independent research, especially fundamental research with its long-term goal and costly equipment, actually is
        • e.g. CNRS in France
    • ask Roberto
    • check ScienceInsider: Breaking news and analysis from the world of science policy.
  • map of future estimates of Parts-per notation air measurements, an equivalent of climatology (thus long-term) of pollution
  • militarization
    • stats of #UAV used since 2000 up to now
    • number of kills UAV done total and per UAV
    • curves visual to see the trends
    • underlying strategy (priority matrix, algorithms, ...) per UAV
      • evolution of their embedded strategies
    • where does DoD/DARPA and their robot manufacturers store the data from the last combat situations
      • what size is it, can ML be applied to it, etc
  • resources
    • water
    • energy
      • oil
        • who will know when OPEC reach peak oil first?
      • gas
      • uranium
      • nutrition
    • computer part required (coltan, silicon, ...)
    • Is there an energy limit to key civilization events?
      • technological singularity consider current earth as a starting point?
        • in general? (not necessarily starting from earth)
        • question inspired by the argument of recursive improvement in AI/Seed AI/AGI
        • see also Energy related ##AGI log (15/03/2010 at 20:28)
      • moving out of earth? terraforming another planet?
    • What is the evolution of the amount of energy available per human over time? (see also Seedea:Content/Newconcepts#EnergySlave )
  • cycles used in national supercomputers (i.e. usage not characteristics)
  • evolution of technologies
  • will the carbon market become faster and more volatile than the energy market?


  • News from specific labs that communicate rarely
  • When did a normal person (financial median) had the computational power of a historically earlier society?
    • Example : iPhone processing power vs. Mayan society?
    • if so, if there a pattern? Is it becoming shorter and shorter, longer and longer? What are the consequence?
  • what would be the benefits (and trade-offs) of embedding this wiki on dedicated hardware?
  • is there a meta recommendation engine?
  • are there "better than human neurons"?
    • is a rat or a mouse neuron more efficient?
      • how can we compare?
      • why is one better than the other?
      • can we go further and transplant? re-engineer?
  • is human thought a local optimization of intelligence? (inspired by Rémy Brague : La légitimité de l'humain, Canal Académie January 2011
    • thus are there a better more general optimum?
  • is there a visualization of flexibility and pace of migration over time of areas of a mammalian brain?


  • difference of topics between western journals of philosophy and asian journals
  • is there a repository of non-biological phylogenies?
  • what are the most important archaeological epistemological affordances?
    • e.g. the Rosetta stone

See also

  • Offers for tasks with financial compensation (deprecated)
    • a la Erdos
    • assign an absolute value for each need (ideally with an anchor)

Question answering



To do

  • each question must have a target page to update
    • i.e. where should the answer be used
  • add a formalism and a notification in order to automatically do queries
    • search RSS using OpenSearch
    • monitoring newly opened datasets
    • Google News Alert
  • NASA/ESA/... idea management software?
    • KM in general?
  • existing military "threshold of upper intelligence" for embarked software?
    • e.g. are there (DARPA) reports about UAV software that becomes efficient but too unpredictable to be useful?