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Pouvoir gerer les ressources energetiques primaires (eau, nourriture, chauffage) et la structure (electricite, communication) au mieux economiquement et ethiquement parlant afin de pouvoir contrecarrer une possible degradation de la disponibilite des ressources mondiales.

Free to work on whatever I feel is interesting thus in a sustainable environment

Guiding principle

Extended homeostatis from Claude Bernard as explained in The Things We Do: Using the Lessons of Bernard and Darwin to Understand the What, How, and Why of Our Behavior by Gary Cziko and general understanding of laws of thermodynamics.

Current result

Proposal 3 because of information Z confirmation that scenario 2 is the most likely to happen and budget allows it.

See House.House for details.

Key considerations

Listed by importance.


  • simple poubelle sous garage
  • tester la "potabilitee" de l'eau recuperee sur les toits
  • EoleWater entendu sur BFM Radio



See the Energy#EfficiencyTools page regarding house and appliance measuring.

Current consumption

Statistics by 60 days session, from 25kWh to 250kWh, threshold set at 50 kWh

Period04/09 to 06/0906/09 to 08/0908/09 to 10/0910/09 to 12/1012/09 to 02/1002/10 to 04/1004/10 to 06/10

Located at Saint-Maur and during 60 days periods.

Add approximately 1000L of heating oil per year according to local heating oil estimate.

(re)Localized energy production

  • Solar Decathlon: 2009 Final Results by the US Department of Energy
  • Experiences surtout en Allemage (1er pays au niveau nombre d'installations au monde en 2007, source Prometheus Institute)
  • production pour appareils a faible amperage (cf produits Nature & Decouverte)
  • Kite Gen Stem 3 MW generator

See also the Eletronics tools section.

Home appliance / per_mile scale





Current situation


To Do : ajouter une carte supportant les annotations (wikimapia ?)


  • estimation suivant positionnement
  • faire faire devis locaux
  • evolution des taxes de pollutions
  • analyse et justification des choix

Include a pie chart of monthly spendings.

Annual CO2 emission

Are you a good investment for your planet? (i.e. should the ecosystem support your because you bring more than you take) As one single node of the human network (and even entire living beings network), do I use the energy that I force to be allocated to me in a relevant way?

Measuring your CO2 footprint and evaluating your own contributions should help not only answering those questions but help improving your situation based on the current answer.

Proposition of summary system

Step by step visually pick your:

  1. location on a map (country)
  2. age on a line
  3. occupation by clicking on avatars
  4. mean of transportation
  5. diet

Provides a rough estimate, each step would be easier as each selection presented is based on the previous one (ordered by factor of influence, highest discrimination value)




Utopian projects

Understand their potential failures to hopefully "debug" them.

Potential project

DebuggingUtopia.org gathering a community of running project members and historians listing problems and how they either got solved (or stay unresolved) thanks to an adapted bug ticket system.

See also my Vademecum (just in case it does happen ;).

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