Currently selected plan

Proposal 3 because of information Z confirmation that scenario 2 is the most likely to happen and budget allows it.

Proposals of construction plan

  1. Proposal based on scenario 1
  2. Proposal based on scenario 1
  3. Proposal based on scenario 2
  4. Proposal based on scenario 3

Use architecture tools to create a construction plan.


* Philippe Vuillaume, Architect

Potential locations

IDLocation (Coordinates)SurfaceResources availablePrice of taxesPotential risksSpecific advantages
L1Latitude, LongitudeXm2A, B, CIeuros Low temperature differential
L2Latitude, LongitudeYm2B, C, DJeurosFloodRich soil
L3Latitude, LongitudeZm2A, DKeuros Active neighborhood
  1. Link Latitude, Longitude to a satellite map.
    1. Géoportail - le portail des territoires et des citoyens
    2. IGN - API Geoportail OpenLayers
  2. Add cost efficiency for each resource.
  3. Apply Liebig's law of the minimum to our society (consider human society as an organism) and its consumption of raw materials including uranium, oil, but also eletronic raw materials, etc...
  4. consider locations in other countries
    1. ChooseYourCountry


  1. list need
    1. e.g. agriculture, weather, risks, ...
  2. detect and justify new opportunity
    1. e.g. new technologies to harvest energy in out of the grid remote location and sustain telecommunication for work and information
  3. generate a cartography workshop with tools
    1. OpenLayers (criteres), OpenData (info eco, agro, energy), etc (a la Seedea:Utopiahanalysis/UniNetVerseVisu)
  4. gather land
    1. e.g. use API or scrap specialized websites (e.g. )
  5. map criteria, opportunities over available lands


Note that those values are fluctuating in time and based on the location picked.

  • step X
    • material required
    • labor required
    • cost
  • step Y
    • material required
    • labor required
    • cost
  • step Z
    • material required
    • labor required
    • cost

See also Content.FinancialTools


  1. Scenario resource A rare
  2. Scenario resource B rare
  3. Scenario resource C rare

Ordered by probability

To do

  1. integrate every sections of Projet autonomie energetique as a module
  2. list family properties
    1. sections A138/B381 in Tremusson, near La Ville Hamonet
      1. cadastre.jpg cadastre2.jpg
    2. others...
  3. compare against existing residences
  4. update the contacts section to reflect Person

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