Your environment influences you thus, before considering changing it, ones has to consider if the environment itself is the right one based on his or her own objectives. Note that this is the place to live, not to travel to.

Result, still in France so far ;)

Prioritized list of criteria

  1. current and future access to resources (including energy and water)
    1. thus including not just access
      1. geological situation
    2. but also sustainability
      1. and the local trophic web
  2. structure of the political system
  3. peace maintained, including history of foreign policies
    1. including geographical position
  4. situation in the economical system
    1. viewed as a network, there is no isolated agent (even with embargo)
  5. life expectancy and medical care
  6. respect of human rights
  7. structure of the educational system
  8. presence of places to foster creativity and culture
  9. presence of entrepreneurship incubators
  10. R&D expenditure
  11. ...
  12. Difficulty of speaking the language
  13. Culture compatibility

Terms like "quality of life" are too generic and not quantifiable and should thus be avoided.

Personal experiences

  • France
  • UK (Bath)
  • Canada (Montreal)
  • Brazil (Curitiba)
  • US (Berkeley/New-York)

Places I want to visit

  1. New-Zealand
  2. Scandinavia (beside Iceland)
  3. new micro-states
    1. Projetautonomieenergetique#UtopianProjects (some are an overlay of existing structure thus with no political independence)

Do not choose, Create.

It is rational to consider this option despite it's apparent complexity as if the existing choices are fundamentally conflicting with your model, innovation even with its high cost is required.

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  • unrooting for neo-liberal flexibility
    • yet your "default" place could be justified solely by propaganda (eventually called history or patriotism) rather than rational decision

Inspired by

  1. the Creative Economy is Making the Place Where You Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life, Whos Your City? by Richard Florida
  2. my nth discussion on the topic

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  1. research in Aus/NZ
    1. (domestic tuitition rates)
  2. Better World Flux - where progress flows
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