The purpose of a system is what it does (POSIWID)

This group list the different recipes I can or want to do. Recipes and cookbooks are here used in a very general sense. Originally coming for culinary domain, they are applied to food, or course (see Food) but also Objects and now much more!


Should be "From the largest to the smallest" but order fails.

To do

  • "build" action (instead of print) to generate the object base on the schematics
    • visualization this was "before" during the upstream design phase
    • determine type from the more explicit to the implicit
      • dedicated keyword
      • category (PmWiki tag)
      • page of a group
      • presence of TeX formatted content
      • pattern matching
    • check for improvements
    • send to the associated "builder"
      • open manufacturing including 3D Printers in my HiTech Creativity draft
      • web service repository for scientific experiments hardware
      • hypothesis testing through datasets
      • generate a set of requirements
        • eventually a tree in case of a compound system made out of other component
          • which are also wiki pages (thus the tree structure)
        • estimated cost
        • estimated time required
      • default
        • explanation message "no builder found"
          • wizard to pick the right builder and automatically tagging the project
            • else suggesting a new builder
        • Strategy Markup Language (StratML) with Project Management Standard XML Extensible Markup Language (PMXML)
          • DOAP to describe software projects
          • Physical Markup Language (PML) to constructed complex descriptions of physical objects, as well as commercial and industrial processes
          • PDDL (Planning Domain Definition Language)
    • consider putting this in the "actuator" section of Cookbook.Cognition#WikiBrainMapping
    • consider using a keyword for tasks to delegate through
    • consider {$Group}.PageActions and making a build per group
    • handle the entire lifecycle
      • cradle to cradle
    • see also
  • find blueprints (see open manufacturing)
    • organize them by leverage
      • what is the core mechanism that give added value

See also