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Some papers have been read after initially discovered WithoutNotesOctober10#MathematicsBiologyAndMetabiology and should be linked here.


  • BiOS A framework to collaboratively solve our shared challenges.
  • OpenPCR DNA printing for everyone
  • the Registry of Standard Biological Parts
  • BioBrick Studio integrated development environment (IDE) that facilitates review, annotation, design, and implementation of standard biological parts from non-standard DNA, RNA, and protein sequences
  • OpenWetWare an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering.
  • DNA2.0 Gene Synthesis and Synthetic Gene Applications - Fastest Gene Synthesis Service

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  1. integrate Chemistry
  2. add links to other mad scientists pages like
  3. check
    1. Agrarian Studies - Synthetic Work at the Cutting Edge by James C. Scott and Nina Bhatt, Yale University Press 2001
  4. The Epigenome at a Glance, The University of Utah 2009
    1. more generally
  1. favorite protein Wikipedia:Protein kinase M zeta