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Seedea, scalable creativity

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Virtual Atelier, your ideal creativity space

Initiator : Utopiah


Have a virtual creativity space to play within.

Abstraction of the problematic

In situ example

... story telling implying what the user want to do and what is the problem and how this will be solved (without details)

Proposed solutions

Virtual environment in Seedea#Interactions (maybe also non-FOSS enthronements like Teleplace including tools HiTechCreativity-draft but also the edge of manufacturing.

  1. model each key tool
    1. Hardware list
    2. localize
      1. offer to find the
        1. closer
          1. World RepRap map
        2. cheaper
        3. following certain license agreements
        4. presence of APIs you can call remotely
    3. provide interfaces
      1. * CloudSCAD - Being Tony Buser
      2. in browser CAM PartKAM (unstable cf CNCzone)
      3. Xilinx WebFITTER
      4. Autodesk Freewheel
        1. web service/application built to provide CAD model viewing, printing and collaboration, through the dynamic rendering of DWF file data and graphics information.
      5. Autodesk Butterfly
  2. keep an history of processes
    1. let yourself and others annotate what has been done
      1. to explain
      2. to reproduce
      3. to improve
    2. possibility to import other processes as template to follow
      1. from other atelier (Instructables), laboratories (SprinterProtocols), etc
  3. imagine your future lab based on
    1. your current one
    2. models provided earlier
    3. without trashing what you already have so still through the wiki
  4. pages describing
    1. the hardware you have
    2. the hardware you want
    3. you actual physical space
    4. your virtual space

A doll house (pic) but instead of playing with dolls and their clothes, you play with machines and ideas.


To do

  1. interface properly with a wiki
    1. and/or RCS
  2. recall notes on 3DS/blender/ArchiCAD
  3. focus on WebGL
    1. rather than VRML/SVG/...
  4. asked in #opensim and #opensim-dev
    1. since is how to build "rooms" directly on the wiki (thus as code)
      1. use them in the environment
    2. to easily be able to build/share/modify/track changes
      1. consider SCM for OAR hosting
      2. Import/Export from OpenSim GoogleSummerOfCode 2008
      3. requires mono
    1. seems to have no headless server mode
  6. remember lessons from
    1. FPS (Quake2/Quake3/CS) level design
    2. 3D scene design (3DStudioMax, ArchiCAD, Blender)
  7. based on the complexity of the format and the object consider only the disposition of designed objects
    1. name those objects and eventually use a user-friendly text based code as a subset of the entire language (or format)
      1. build the new object based on those named objects
        1. export the scene
  8. integrate
    1. seedeabitlbee/Paola 17/06/2010 17:45
  10. OpenSCAD The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller


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