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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators





Consultancy in creativity for innovating projects

Because ROI for startups actually means Return On Ideas

What do we basically do?

We do not tell you what to do because creativity needs freedom.

What we do is support your creative process by providing you the cognitive (structured process) and technical (software platform) tools to reach your own goal with the best return of investment possible.

Getting started

Packages Free Connectivity pack Consultancy pack Seedea Key
Price 0 on a case by basis on a case by basis N/A

Look at the packages page to see what is the best solution for your project.

Consult the template Xye seance and for additional information use the contact page.

Who do we work for?

Creative people and people who want and need to be creative!

Idea task force

This is our exchange platform for active innovators in Seedea and our very close partners. Participate now.


Home made


Teaching material

In the Xye.FormationMaterial page we share document we use in order to facilitate the discovery of new technics and tools.

For example : what is a wiki? how can you use it? etc

Most of the components used during the consultancy process are listed here and can even be discovered in advance in order to boost efficiency.

Motivational material

In the Xye.MotivationalSupport page we list the material that can help each participant to focus on the project and be more effective by willing to do more.

For example : why does stress can be the result of a poor working position? why is creativity a key skill in a competitive environment? etc

"written lists produces more and higher-quality ideas than when a group tries to generate potential solutions by oral discussion"

Group Techniques For Idea Building by Carl M. Moore

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