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The OIMP repository

Here are listed all the on-going OIMP projects made with SEEDEA.

OIMP, the philosophy

Open Innovation Micro Projects, are public new ideas requiring less than a week workload person projects :

Basically you propose solutions, you get "shares" of the projects.

Low-quality network copping mechanisms

The goal is to limit frustration experienced when used a low quality network (high latency, unknown response time, ...) by providing copping mechanisms.

Fundamental concepts tree

The goal is to be able to have a kind of cascading model of how my mind processes any information it encounters.

Enhanced information notifier

Manage information flow byproviding connectors to information sources and their learning filters based on behavior.

Visual ant wiki

Draw a skinnable sitemap of an existing wiki based on graph theory.

Internet sharing for friends

Provide a simple way to share links to friends without them having to subscribe to anything. They vote on what you shared and based on those statistics you know how to share links they will like even more.

Sustainable server-farm

Server-farm in which servers auto-optimize their energy comsuption and use only sustainable energy.

Social annotating

Online notebook to write important information about your contacts on top of their social networks profiles.

Ubiquitous Vocabulary

Personal repository of words generated by your daily usage of electronic devices used to improve your following inputs.

Language pot

You learn a new language while browsing pages your favorite pages in your native language.


Encode DNA data as DNA to store vast quantities of data "in a cupboard".


Enjoy a learning trip in the land of healthy nutrition alone, with friends or even with your kids!

Computer Assisted Self-Teaching

Use the computer to do meta-analysis on your current task to provide suggestions for improvements based on community good pratices.

Modern Bibliography

Easily navigate in a discipline to innovate more efficiently.

Internet Guide

Guiding people through the ever faster changing Internet.


Applying exchanging information strategies of vegetative networks to provide a biologically-inspired interface for interconnectivity between the natural and the artificial network


Randomly discovering new people thanks to the magic "Friend" button.

Cloud Arbitrage

Code can automatically find it's own execution ideal environment based on its requirements.

Dynalab the Dynamic Labyrinth

Mind game where the goal is to escape the labyrinth your adversary built with the particularity of including a transformation function.

Visual Personal Finance

Manage your finances as one single coherent flow of money visually.

Virtual Atelier, your ideal creativity space

Have a virtual creativity space to play within.

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OIMP tools

Please consider using SEEDEA first instead of direct hacks !

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