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Simplified test

Using Vimperator bindings with Seedea API based on GET commands to update Seedea faster.

Recorded behavior

  1. creating new idea
    1. "mouselly" from the website
      1. creating new nodes from the list
      2. applying templates (SandIdeabox/OIMP) with coppy/paste
    2. :tabopen OldIdeaName edit<TAB>rename ideaname<CR>
  2. updating idea directly
    1. "mouselly" from the website
    2. :tabopen IdeaName edit<TAB><CR>
  3. updating idea from a list of ideas
    1. "mouselly" from the website with search
    2. "mouselly" from the website with OIMP list
    3. "mouselly" from the website with OIMP visual
    4. :tabopen IdeaName edit<TAB><TAB CYCLE><CR>
  4. searching for an idea to update or link to another idea
    1. "mouselly" from the website with search
    2. :tabopen s search string
  5. upgrading an idea to a new stage
    1. "mouselly" from the website (using B or C)
      1. creating new idea
      2. cutting idea structure
      3. pasting it in the new page
      4. redirecting the old page to the new page
  6. taking live notes
    1. :sidebar Bookmarks<CR>Seedea InputSideBar

Behavior to handle

  1. default
    1. user's personal idea sandbox += (no keyword detected) string

(see Seedea.InputVisualTest ToDo section regarding actions)

Future location

It's actually currently available at for the XMLRPC interface. Other should follow soon and a description should be here... soon too.

API functions


Optional helpers

Commands (too technical/low level)

API explorer

Future improvements




To integrate

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