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SEEDEA is the idea box engineered by CoEvolution.

You write your own ideas, you refine them, improve them, mix them and you share them (if you want to).

Why should you care ? Because today more than ever, either you innovate to keep on improving, and fast, or you get eaten by the competition.

Presentation - Q&A - Live progresses - Interactions - Atelier - Donations - Help


Short presentation of what the idea box does, how it does it and what the futur will offer ;) Please use the original OpenOffice version, if you can not use the Powerpoint export and eventually the light transition-less pdf version.

Questions & Answers

Why can't I try the prototype? Do you make money with this ? etc... all those answers and more at the Q&A page !

Live progresses

Here is the complete live progresses report.

Interactions (I/O)

The ideal environment for Seedea to be used at its full potential is :


If you are really curious you can also have a look at the atelier :)


If you are really interested and want to participate you can make donations (so far the less reliable business model but also the most fair). Alternative donation methods should studied too.


Just use the project, it provides inside mechanisms to help (provide new ideas, work on suggestions, vote, etc...) and fun doing it :)

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