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Here we gather all the way to add ideas to Seedea. We try to be up-to-date with ALL the way to connect include the last trendy ones! See the list below and if something is lacking, just tell us.

Different input modules

Meeting recording

More generally we could dedicate an entire part of the input management to meeting recording. It would share several Input module but would handle multiple simultaneous participant.

Bot for all conferences modes (telephone, skype, IRC, MSN, etc...) after each meeting automatically :

  • record then post the transcript + audio
  • then organize and use other existing tools

See the on-going experiment : StigmergyLive in TheLab

Voice based input

Talking to the wiki, i.e. speech recognition

  1. call a number
  2. select your wiki page with numbers
  3. talk
  4. get your speech added to that page

Easier to do the formatting only later on, on a computer as the goal isn't to replace the web interface but to provide an alternative for notes on the spot.

Online social HUBs


To integrate


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