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Result (live notes, see history for dates)

blog called "the network traversal" relating my personal exploration of the Internet and offering my view as a guide for others -> moved to [[Oimp.InternetGuide]]

compression of text -> gradual expansion of one word into the ideas it relies on and the logical arguments

!!FF xall-over-configurations

!!Content discovered recently
* [[|How to be a Tummler]] by [[|Heather Gold]], November 2008)
* [[|Silicon Valley JUG: Applying the Asynchronous Web]] by Ted Goddard
ad Jean-Francois Arcand, October 2008
** example of Demo with a mobile device (for the [[Seedea.Marketing]])


!The utopia of the shared Internet
* probably based on the history of mass media
** which was actually probably already too idealized as a shared experience
* why it can hardly be
** tools
** perceptions
** culture
** education
** income
** and... overall... choice
* we build our own internet and not just the perception of it

* suggesting I was studying the "psychology of the machine" instead of the human machine interaction (Tali at the restaurant, early November 2008)
* "all now on the same wavelength" ([[|Heather Gold]]'s talk on [[|How to be a Tummler]], minute 25:03, mid November 2008)

!!%purple%Personal state
* have 1 API on the personal server
* use social tools to read and update it
** tarpipe (since it can call API?) to propagate
** irssi (with away) to set/unset
** other tools (like instant boss) to set/unset

from [[|Stigmergic collaboration]]
* ?

* ?
more formalized model of my model if the social network as a potential way to access information

A true utopian does not let himself fall in the trap of the bias of idealism when he build his solution.

visual example :

Include sub-projects (OIMP and others) directly in the scoreboard
if you have several projects and you can quickly see their curve you can imagine how they will evolve and thus know what you must do

[[|YouTube - Knowledge-based Information Retrieval with Wikipedia. ]] David Milne, October the 31st, 2008

article for CoEvolution's blog
Artificial Intelligence / Computer software evolution or the new fire of our epoch

we are most likely doing the same mistakes :
* impersonnification
* fear of non-understanding
* painful learning process
* ?
as we do with each new tools.

article for Mao : you WILL get lost on the track (else it means you dont look far enough anyway) , classical example 10 tabs from Wikipedia

Solution : write down your goals first, like when you read a paper and search for a specific information


Firefox SideBar view for live note taking

Example of usage

How to do it?

  1. Go to
  2. Bookmark it
  3. Right-click on that bookmark and select “Properties”
  4. Check the box that says, "Load this bookmark in sidebar"
  5. Open it!


  1. bookmark the side view
    1. Apply the new skin
      1. adapt it to the Sidebar very "vertical style"
      2. remove the menu
      3. the help under the textarea, the save button (seems to be difficult with classical templates, eventually use CSS to hide the buttons)
  2. load the bookmarks view in the sidebar
    1. :emenu View.Sidebar.Bookmarks or :sb Bookmarks
    2. package it as an FF plug-in
  3. open the dedicated link
  4. find a way to stay in the sidebar
    1. just click "Save and edit" when I want to save the news
      1. use AJAX to do it periodically (timer that submit "Save and edit" while avoiding interruption) or after edition (typing then not typing for X seconds)
  5. add a button equivalent to :deli and w of my Vimperator? that would cat the result in the content of the textarea
    1. not opening links with the normal view (tab)
  6. eventually make a split mini-horizontal view
    1. current view for general note-taking
    2. visuals for stats on seedea and quick navigation
    3. social annotating
      1. faces/icons of friends on which one could drop information from a page (+title +url +date automatically added)
  7. should have AJAX auto-completion
    1. start with [[Oim...

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