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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




CoEvolution is the company that engineers SEEDEA.


Why are we doing CoEvolution?

(The Robot Scientist from Aberystwyth University is a good example)

See also our motivation for research and Robert Plotkin on effective human/machine collaboration.


How do we plan to reach our vision?

So what is CoEvolution added value?

Core competency

What is our main skill?


Intellectual property

How do we understand it?

Important note on name

Incredibly enough, a project on innovation (by from Finland and inspired by VTT lab had the very same idea (seed + idea = seedea). Their website and name did NOT appear when we bought the domain name but we will obviously have to revise this case especially since the expose a TM (trademark) sign. We also cannot find the TM on "Seedea" in the Intellectual Property Digital Library from WIPO.

It is also unrelated to Star Trek Online Seedea System located in the Xarantine Sector.

We are currently thinking about using another name, if required.

PS : we started to use the term "Seedea" on the Internet and offline during summer 2008.

PS2 : see my notes on An Orchard Invisible, A Natural History of Seeds by Jonathan

See also

Co-Evolution of Human and Machine: Neuroprosthetics in the 21st Century by Justin C. Sanchez, Departments of Pediatrics, Neuroscience, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Florida

For more information, please contact us or see the details on CoEvolution.

Raw list of pages from the project

See also documentations on Seedea

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