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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators





Package Nothing Free Connectivity pack Consultancy pack Seedea Key

Just keep doing what are doing right now, I hope it will work out great for you :)

Access to Seedea but without :

  • special connections (SMS, audio notes recording, twitter, etc...)
  • unlimited ongoing and outgoing link on your page (except if you are doing an OIMP and thus sharing with the community)

Access to Seedea (including the Free package) with :

  • connectivity to all the services (web, SMS, email, IM, Twitter, robots, ... ), advance from anywhere, anytime ! (yes, including your bluetooth headset)
  • unlimited number of links in all situations, link and use an unlimited number of ideas !
  • every optional modules (including pre-released ones) to follow the trends of innovation !
    • pricing on speed reaction may apply

Access to Seedea (including the Connectivity pack package) with :

  • session of consulting on site. The session will be prepare by us and you according to your specific needs.

More details can be found in the dedicated Xye consultancy page.

Gift dedicated only to selected partners who are using the Connectivity pack package extensively and actively participate to the community.

See more information on the Seedea Key dedicated page.

Price 0 0 on a case by basis on a case by basis N/A
Start Think about it. Here Here Here N/A

Not sure how all this integrate with your process? Check the Integration page.

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