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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




Personal pages like those and should be easy to use only if the user desires so and with an optional but activated by default "non-analysed" policy

have in the title of the page (like "Gmail - Inbox (1)") your number of finished microservices

	Seedea - my microservices (3)

This describe the different services that the user subscribed to:




My quote self especially with Alice

My current goal in life : CoEvolution

Some visualization of my phenotype : pictures

My vision of the future : my predictions from trends

My poetic self : The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost,
Small Town by Hesse Hermann, Life is just a ride by Bill Hicks,
My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is by Edward Dyer,
One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

Few of my own aphorisms : Surfacing wisdom.

My analysis in the form of articles.

My cognitive scaffolding.

and ... My resume! (for Nico ;).

Few answers to few questions : * why am I doing this project? (add CoEvolution definition and compare with the initial docs in Brazil/France) * why did I reject my degree? * what is my life compass? (add drawing)

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