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French nationality

Email. : Tel. : + Adr. : Moulin de Meen, Vallée de la Fontaine des Eaux, 22100 Dinan, France

Objective : building strategic empowering tools

Higher education

2004-2008 Engineer degree from the University of Technology of Compiegne (UTC) equivalent to a master degree in engineering (specialized in software engineering) - major in Innovative projects management - minor in Entrepreneurship semester at the Federal University of Technology of Parana (UTFPr), Brazil, Curitiba participant of the european seminar of Cognitive Sciences in Iceland, Reykjavik

2004 2-years University Diploma of Technology (DUT) in CS, France, Lannion

2001 Baccalaurat seie S-SVT (equivalent to A-Level), France, Dinan

Professional experiences

2006 6m part time Formalizing the business process and teaching the use of online interaction tools for COVAir (UTC start-up), France, Compiegne

2005 6m full time Designing and producing (complete lifecycle) a PHP/MySQL module for the CMS for ShanghaiYangMa Adverstising (American start-up specialised in advertisement for online communities), China, Shanghai

2005 6m part time Setting-up the protocol for experimental research on perceptive interactions and presenting the result to the COSTech lab of the UTC, France, Compiegne

2004 3m full time Designing and producing .NET Intranet tools for Wessex Water (English large corporation specialised in the water industry), England, Bath

Professional skills .

General skills

Good communication skills, modeling ability (abstraction and synthesis), clear understanding of strategy (competitive advantage, competitive inteligence), empathy from international work experience, fast adaptation to new environments, higly independant.

IT skills

Design Patterns, Software Analysis (UML), Human-Machine Interface (affordances)

IT languages

Object Oriented languages (C#, C++), Web languages (PHP, MySQL, XML, HTML, CSS), Functional languages (Lisp, Prolog, Haskell)

Languages .

Centers of interest

Passionate about politics, education, philosophy, knowledge management, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and social sciences. Active member of Special Interest Groups (SCIP, ActKM, IEEE, blogging,...). Practicing swimming frequently, occasionaly practicing basket-ball and skydiving. Discovering the world (Brazil, China, Italy, England, Netherland, Germany, Greece, Polland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungria, ...).

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