Fabien's PIM

This website is basically my brain dump. You ended up here through a search engine (not Google I hope, see InformationRules), searching for a very obscure command line trick or because we met during an event as we discussed about the philosophy of life or... out of pure luck. That means people from very different background will come here. Finding the way through this maze now is on you.

Good luck!

Visitors I meet during a conference, check my notes on the last 3 events updated:

Eager to explore the future and have a virtual reality device? Check the ongoing webVR interface of my website. Wanting to make your own virtual world? Check the ongoing webVR workshops I organize in Brussels with VRLab Brussels.

Last updates of the site :

There are 1468 pages so don't hesitate to do a search. Last time I checked that was equivalent to few hundreds A4 page of text in length. If you want more (nerdy) numbers check Numbers. If you are even nerdier check the VR rollercoaster through the edits!

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