ViveDevBXLSession1 Wednesday July 2016

Own objectives

  1. have fun
  2. meet Vive developers
  3. exchange tips and tricks

Attended activities


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Demos from participants

  • Thomas' architecture Unity demo (and featured the same evening on TechCrunch )
  • Fabien's inside the human body experience (no public link)
    • transform my along path component to sphere that can be switch in debug mode to visible and dragged to visually draw the path with controllers
    • if controllers detected display a "debug control panel" in VR to
      • display and modify path points
        • added extra transparent sphere with size based on how much randomness was added for each point
      • test camera movement
      • display/hide scene contents

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • generic tricks
    • 3rd/4th controllers pairing
    • duck taped camera through the ring of the controller for mix reality
    • headphones passed through the front to hold better (not working with short commercial version)
    • SteamVR in the background for packaged experience without Steam accessible even from Home button
  • potential meeting on Sunday to test with 4 controllers and networked, Shader meeting on Friday evening

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Other reviews or coverage

  • ?

To do

  1. link back from VirtualReality#Vive
  2. improve Template
  3. add map data (:ola-point lat= lon= text='':)