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Note that I have more than 150 prototypes and PoCs on http://vatelier.net/MyDemo/

See also my VR explorations as short Youtube videos

Without prototype

From personal use


  • cognitive science studies during SC02 around 2004
    • during which I read one of my favourite research paper in cognitive science namely "Where brain, body and world collide"
  • AR extension Overlay in late 2009
  • 1st note from at least WithoutNotesFebruary11
  • applied to Oculus in 2013 because... why not
    • "At this time, and given your lack of work status in the US, we have nothing to offer you. Please watch our website for potential openings as we grow."
  • tried Oculus in later 2014 via Hello Bank popup store in Brussels
  • 1st event attended BeVRJanuary2015 then 1st hackathon VRHackatonBrussels2016 part of Portfolio
  • tried to hire someone to make ThreeJS/PmWiki interface work for me via Job4Bitcoin in March 2015
  • tought several workshops in 2015 via OpenTechSchool Brussels and at least 3 in 2016 via VRLab Brussels
  • vAtelier.net started in 2015 motivated by the early 3DVisualization by myself due to the failed hiring for the job
  • GoldmanSachs early 2016 report considered for ManagingMyInvestments
  • vrlab-brussels.info with its numerous workshops since early 2016
    • actually complained 1 year before during BeVRJanuary2015 about the lack of "home-brew" projects!
  • 2nd hackathon, 2nd "win" at VRHackatonUtrecht2016 in June 2016
  • 1st hardware workshop resulting in 3 new designs in June 2016
  • 1st large (~20 persons without previous setup) multiplayer demonstration during CafeNumeriqueBXL in June 2016

Beyond that see VR



Design & UX

Experience reviews

  • VRTX
    • ✔: conveniently select (edges, faces, etc)
    • ✗: low poly load, no scaling of object
  • DesignSpace
    • ✔: preloaded maps, easily add objects
    • ✗: table outside of the chaperon
  • Fantastic Contraptions
    • ✔: physics to solve puzzles
    • ✗: can't recombine previous part of solutions
  • NVIDIA FunHouse
    • ✔: fluids on virtual HMD, hairs, broken objects
    • ✗: nothing particularly fun
  • SoundStage
    • ✔: node based interface
    • ✗: links between node staying too long
  • UnseenDiplomacy
    • ✔: non Euclidian space, forced starting point with countdown
    • ✗: key elements to solve puzzle outside the chaperone
  • getspace
    • ✔: ?
    • ✗: ?
  • Yours?
    • ✔: ?
    • ✗: ?

See also my Steam reviews.

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My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.