SundayGeekBrunch2016InventingOnPrinciple January 24 2016, 10am to 2pm

#HASHTAGUNSET on Twitter,, Live Cast, TwitterStreamGraphs, Collecta, flickr

Own objectives

  1. set up an efficient programming environment
  2. set up an efficient cognitive environment
  3. set up and maintain an efficient environment

Attended activities

Workflow improvements

  • dedicated to webVR
    • remote control browser, e.g. if client side code updated then (re)-open related page in the browser
      • with client, only one file but could watch directory
        • better control the client for testing purposes
          • e.g. test path should not require to wait for 2nd player or look at start object
          • can force a reload after code has been updated
      • server, but partly, reloading the server forces the client to disconnect and does not reconnect
        • fixed by gracefully shutdown (cf nodemon homepage)
    • DAT.Gui to adjust value without reloading
      • done but doesn't save values back to the server
        • risk of conflicting with editing of client file
          • could save to data configuration file (partly solves the problem)
  • dedicated to this very wiki
    • improved textarea with PmWiki syntax highlightning?
    • debug the worflow
      • authentification isn't clean
        • requires to manually add author then password
  • creative software
    • more than Jupyter
      • cf evening session of Monday 25 January

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Talk: Inventing on Principle

  • his principle (and mine before seeing the talk too, even though not applied often enough) is to create immediate connection
    • what is my principle guiding my work?
      • increasing creative space? creative freedom? efficient creative exploration?
      • re-usability of explorations? (composability, tracking, sandboxing, etc)
        • e.g. dedicated branches, listing of past exploration (portfolios)
      • sandboxed re-uasble explorations
        • including social events like this one or hackhatons
  • timing... idea, consequent workflow improvement
  • 3m50s code result in sync
    • enough with nodemon/JSBin?
  • 4m30s easy way to explore values (e.g. slider for numbers)
    • potentially do-able via DAT.gui
  • 6m00s completion options shows instantly the potential results
  • etc

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • meet him
  • could be improved by doing that
  • see also that other event

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To do

  1. explore
  2. improve Programming
  3. add map data (:ola-point lat= lon= text='':)