Bi-yearly background cover

Details of the 5 projects.

Virtual reality interface for this wiki

Current exploration : open scaffolding to spacially and textualy explore interfaces

Older projects


Multiplayer multiplaform webVR collaborative experience done during VRHackatonBrussels2016 with DIY IoT environment controlled

Grab friends and slide down crazy slopes!

Details of that project

Cimzia for UCB

Cimzia, an antibody molecule, invites you to travel through the human body. The installation ordered by UCB was featured for 3 days in a pharmaceutical conference in Belgium in September 2016 using 2 top of the line virtual reality headsets by HTC Vive. The experience was also showcased on A week of Aframe.

Get injected in the human body!

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VR Inception School

In VR series of exercise to discover VR and learn how to program and design a VR experience. Best serious VR experience during VRHackatonUtrecht2016.

Learn VR in VR!

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Procrastination will lower the quality of your project. HourGlass shows that directly by forcing you to drop tasks required by your project when the deadline gets too close.

Do today, reach your goal tomorrow

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Pebble PIM

Instantly add an intense moment to my Personnal Information Management wiki. The intensity (good or bad) can be rated in under 5seconds.

Tracking happiness on your wrist

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Disconnect to reconnect. Providing stressed workers a place to breath, relax and get calmer to become healthier and more productive.

Book Time For Yourself

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Value Pie

Understand the price structure during daily life purchases.

What Is In That Price

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Using virtual reality to make notes tangible. vAtelier, because the walls of your atelier should not have bounds!

Dive Inside Your Notes

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Makes for you, based on your needs, new creations. They can range from artistic creations to business or even science.

Make new creations

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Fabien's PIM

Code to my organize and visualize all the information and meta-information of my mind dump.

Dive in my mind.

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Posture Maintenance

Let your computer regularly check your posture based on the calibrated position of your face.

Mind your back

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