• require('fs').writeFileSync('/tmp/test-sync', repl.repl.lines.join('\n'))
  • key objects
    • document
      • The Document interface represents any web page loaded in the browser and serves as an entry point into the web page's content, which is the DOM tree. The DOM tree includes elements such as <body> and <table>, among many others. It provides functionality global to the document, like how to obtain the page's URL and create new elements in the document.
    • Window
      • The window object represents a window containing a DOM document; the document property points to the DOM document loaded in that window. A window for a given document can be obtained using the document.defaultView property.
    • Screen
      • The Screen interface represents a screen, usually the one on which the current window is being rendered. Usually it is the one on which the current window is being rendered, obtained using window.screen.
    • Navigator
      • The Navigator interface represents the state and the identity of the user agent. It allows scripts to query it and to register themselves to carry on some activities. A Navigator object can be retrieved using the read-only window.navigator property.
  • map()/reduce()/filter() to work on arrays
    • map(Number) as shortcut to map(function (v){ return parseInt(v)} )@@
    • grep-like 1-liners
      • urls.filter(url => url.match(/regex/) )
      • lines.filter(line => line.includes('substring') )
  • ... or Spread operator
  • remove JS debugging
  • () donated to JSBin and CodeMirror
  • _. or
  • Array.prototype.findIndex() on MDN
  • using Array.prototype.forEach on arrays in order to solve scope problems (also cleaner)
  • multiple callbacks defined serially

Deep Foundations of Advanced JavaScript





Personally discovered in 2010 via Ryan Dahl.



Motivated by 3DVisualization


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To do

  • add notes on frameworks used
    • JQuery
    • Prototype and Scriptaculous
  • learn how to efficiently load JSON to handle Processing properly
    • splitting datasource/selected data/rendering
    • see also BSON
  • improve bindings for Vimperator
    • we for multiple wiki engines (not just PmWiki)
    • ww/I cleaning know websites (e.g. Wikipedia transformed to intermap format)
  • discover toSource();


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.