From personal use

Related code

  • to try to save canvas to images as a form of preprocessing as a wiki skin
    • var image = document.getElementsByTagName("canvas")[0].toDataURL();
  • SVG shape used in WikiBrainMapping
  • explanations of Innovativ.IT
  • ./pub/skins/glossyhue/skin.tmpl deactivated for now
    • few bugs, bit slow, out of date, still didn't integrated it as a full interface
    • some visitors keep JS deactivated thus wondering why there is a blank space on top of each page
    • now using Path:/pub/processingjsgraph/index.php to browse through Path:/pub/processingjsgraph/ generated visuals
      • using graphprocessing.php and gp_pageview_withingroup.php in code repository to generate visualizations
    • adapted to I:Person/ based on Person principles
      • note that the path is not handled properly and only quick fixes were applied here
      • axes have been switched and scales increased to fit the property of the graph
      • improved a group version and a page version by using different canvas size and scales
      • improved by displaying little pictures of friends' head over their ellipse (not displayed for privacy reasons)
      • e.g. (names replaced with partial MD5 for privacy reasons, non log scale)
      • new circular visualization and supporting dragging
        • but without proper angles and text/image dragging
  • add pictures embedding (used with the "flower" of edition viz)
  • structuring functions
  • drawing functions

Processing.js specific


Note: keep a minimalist mindset, Form follows function, the objective still is to be efficient (cf Information Visualization Manifesto) so visualization should provide a way to interact with data, providing affordance to detect patterns, infer correlations, modify the structure but not to "look pretty" (cf The Self Made Tapestry).


The entire website (without PmWiki and Site goups) : (:GraphProcessingEntryPoint:) Very large, too slow, to correct.

Generated Processing.js code : , note that as of April 2010 that's about 300 nodes and 600 links between them.

There is still to do

  1. groups by color
  2. zooms
  3. filter by groups
  4. filter as texts at the bottom of the page
  5. basket and other actions to drop pages on


To explore


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.