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Visuals are information intrinsically

abstract visuals as sth with meaning, not sth purely visual thus associate objective to each visual representation possible transformation too, etc... then be able to apply them to any content that is relevant, eventually auto-assign them based on content meta-data and visual meta-data

(even build ontologies and make a real "visual language" with a grammar and possible transition, as discussed in semantic web channel on freenode , cf log)

Dealing with information overload

Ideal solution

Simplified solution

Basically we can have 2 views of the same data :

  1. (default view) with the most popular ideas, the easier to grasp and the safest according to the community
    1. targeting the new user who just want to try
  2. the latest ideas (user would have to decide to explore this more advance view)
    1. targeting the advance user who wants to go further

Inspiration : Freshapps by ReadWriteWeb : "Instead, "fresh" means popular, which is why the "freshest" apps include what we now consider old standbys like Facebook, Pandora, and Wikipanion. That's not to say that you can't discover apps that are new to you here, but at this time, this doesn't look like the place to discover the absolute latest releases."

To add : should add the previous discussion I had with Emilie before.


Bubble web interface Shapeless web interface Behaviors oriented Dedicated to children Soap bubbles Propositions on perspective (2D vs 3D iso vs 3D) Co-existence of different visualizations

Proposition for future interface, visual and streamlined (early March 2009).

Skins and separated communities

As mentioned in "Co-existence of different visualizations" Seedea can take different forms. It could be interesting to split in different communities (E:\Work\pensine\a integrer\entry points.jpg). Here is a possible list of communities (also according to Xye.Targetmarket) that would maximize synergies (cross competencies and domains) but still offer skins that each community could feel used to.

Community Entry point Skin style Visual resources Specificity Possible bridges
General?! seeds, being a gardener of ideas ... multi-domain all other sub-domains
Tech GITS/Lain (tachikoma ex.), possible inspiration : UIs ... nerd/geeks command line interface, black skins, etc... science
Artsy sketch in an atelier ecoles des Beaux Arts very very very open, no default process, embed into pure:dyne instead of the classical distribution of the SeedeaKey, eventually connect with IN/OUT : un dispositif de création connective - Maurice Benayoun ?
Science lab bench ? methodological and strict ?
Philo Greece/neuroscience/bubbles ? ask in ##philosophy on freenode and checks tools like ?
Business office virtual whiteboard, rulers, curves, ... strategical innovation as a value engine tech

General visuals

High-tech visuals

PS : separation is a difficult point, keeping a general approach has some fundamental advantages (factorizing cross-domain studies and thus real innovation) and some disadvantages (risk of going nowhere by being to idealistic or fuzzy).

Virtual assistant module

Being a very exciting topic, the Virtual assistant module now has it's very own page!


To integrate

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