vAtelier notes


  1. Identify the minimum feature set that can demonstrate the power of the idea = ???
    1. List all the features of MVP = ???
    2. Create dependencies (to do this we need to do this) among features = ???
    3. break the features into a set of groups = ???
    4. Iterate building each group at a time = ???

On possible delegation or even own code


Deadlines blew up since delegation failed.

  1. Milestone A by 22/02/2015 : be able to view a first demo room
    1. 1 page as a room
  2. Milestone B by 28/02/2015 : be able to see a room with useful content
    1. with content display face
    2. with lint result face
    3. with lint cache
  3. Milestone C by 07/03/2015 : be able to walk realistically in the room
    1. with a viewer body and physics
      1. actually not walk but move in an electrical wheelchair, trying to minimize discrepency leading to motion sickness
  4. Milestone D by 14/03/2015 : be able to display and use an interface
    1. with a modification interface
  5. Milestone E by 20/03/2015 : be able to apply and record the usage of the interface
    1. with user feedback
  6. Milestone F by 20/03/2015 : be able to go from one room to another
    1. with a connected second room
  7. Milestone G by 20/03/2015 : be able to go from any room to any other room
    1. with connected and non-connected rooms
  8. Milestone H by 22/03/2015 : be able to customize a room
    1. with room personalisation
  9. Milestone I by 25/03/2015 : be able to use special rooms
    1. with special rooms
      1. global view
      2. top X
  10. Milestone J by ??/??/2015 : design dedicated WebVR skin
    1. cf and


A virtual personal atelier to focus on and organize your ideals and thoughts.

  • show your ideas and thoughts
  • facilitate their re-organisation (visually colour negative patterns and positive patterns)

Since refactoring allow for a far off "ride" through they key pages, groups, problems, etc (while letting the user turn head)

  • see also related #wiki discussion on lint for wiki

Apply CognitiveEnvironments for added value added value = refactoring? reading? feeling the structure? clearly NOT editing (with keyboard) OR reading (qualtiy of the display?)...

 if positive feedback from Be.VR consider funding via VC, kickstarter, ...?

Spacial organisation

  • display floor plan with current location (compass)
  • possible spacial organisations using 1 page 1 room, 1 link 1 path between room :
    • flat world with direct force algo
    • multi-levels with 1 group 1 level

PIM lint

Equivalent of Wikipedia:Lint_(software) for wikis and their leading to e.g. Only patterns that can be checked automatically e.g. lack of links, length, page with 1000 lines but no anchors, page that wasn't revised for years, etc. Flag some pages as suspicious based on some criteria for later review.

Poster to explain the concept

  • ?

PIM dedicated to demo

  • To demo this VR interface for PIM I need to make a PIM that people without PIM understand... I can't use mine
  • write down notes about VR related contents like videos or events (risk of being too meta and not personal but participants could relate to it)

alt : let users make their own with popular syntax (e.g. markdown) with at least 3 linked pages, not collaborative

Faciliatating import /home/web/*

Evernote should definitely be added to

why VR for information management didn't work before?! what are MY NEW hypothesis on why it would work NOW?

  • pain & gain
    • pain of
      • sorting through, searching, organising paper notes
      • having no tangible grasp on electronic notes

Found nothing related on Google Cardboard markplace, didn't check Occulus or Samsung VR marketplaces

ok ... if that think works and the software I come with makes sense I want :D

EverNotes > MindMaps > MediaWiki > OwnCloud > PmWiki > other

Proper experience :

force through a corridor of recommendations i.e. welcome to vAtelier, your virtual atelier to focus and re-organize your notes and ideas. showcase usage THEN sandbox THEN own data

note that this should be an experienced derived from an actual (even if limited) PIM i.e. editable wiki that showcases the usefulness of provided affordances

what does this pioneer think about it

Optimization trick : generate on first run a human readable and editable wiki page for the structure and its modifications e.g. VR.Structure with list of pages + list of connections + list of modifications

Related research



Potential lead users


  • Bare minimum interactions :
    • Copy Tuscany Dive to walk and Roller Coaster VR to activate items.
      • This should be explained in the first "room" hence the first Wiki page.
  • provide a "belt" for actions (which actions? mark for edition?)

Visual metaphor

Physical output interfaces

Physical input interfaces

Community activities

Wikis as 3D viz

See also