aka Mind uploading viewed from the sysadmin side aka why you do not want to be uploaded

Let's imagine we somehow find the way to upload ourselves, whatever that might be, to the net or a local computer

  • frustrating to talk to "non-transhumanist" friends who dismiss the idea entirely without first taking the time to ponder about how it might work and why it would be good
  • frustrating to talk to "transhumanist" friends who believe in the idea without first questioning what can go wrong and see it as the panacea
  • hack and get hacked, a costly arm-race that goes beyond any substrate
  • uniqueness required for trust
    • problematic for backups
  • encryption still requires keys
  • knowing that a significant share of our body mass is bacteria
    • are most our CPU cycles hijacked by malicious software?
      • will it increase over time to reach the same ratio?
  • infinite or unlimited access to information or resources
    • whatever the substrate economical questions remains, i.e. some goods are exclusive while others are not
      • e.g. computational power might be significantly easier to access but it can be the case for all potential users while the total amount of computational power remains stable, consequently in practice it might be stable per capita
    • see InformationRules
  • software system upgrade on hardware with sensitive data or availability is stressful
    • no matter the power of the hardware
    • even more as the hardware is remote, with no physical affordance
  • new citizen casualties in cyberwarfare


  • consider a more positive mindset e.g. "Suggestions to the pioneers of mind uploading."

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