Fabien Benetou

WebXR specialist

VR and AR software development on the web, VR and AR professional workshops

Professional projects

  • European Parliament, September 2018 - on-going
  • UNICEF Innovation Fund, WebXR Technical Adviser, September 2018 - November 2021
  • Aquinas Training, October 2018
  • CTO for LucidWeb from September 2017 to June 2018
  • VR NDA, June 2018
  • AR NDA, May 2018
  • European Parliament, April 2018
  • AR NDA, January 2018
  • NDA, December 2017
  • NDA, December 2017
  • Aquinas Training, December 2017
  • Aquinas Training, October 2017
  • NDA, July 2017
  • European Parliament, July 2017
  • NDA, March 2017
  • Aquinas Training, February 2017
  • UCB, September 2016
Cimzia for UCB
Cimzia, an antibody molecule, invites you to travel through the human body. The installation ordered by UCB was featured for 3 days in a pharmaceutical conference in Belgium in September 2016 using 2 top of the line virtual reality headsets by HTC Vive. The experience was also showcased on A week of Aframe.
Get injected in the human body!
July 2016
September 2016


To maximize value for money it’s important to answer those questions in that order:

  1. What’s my audience?
  2. How are they going to interact with my VR content?
  3. What are the specificity of the subset of audience who will be there?
  4. What information do they expect to gain from it?
  5. What Is currently preventing them from acquiring now ?

Then it’s possible to sketch a scenario on how an immersive experience will help that audience.

Once that’s done then the practical questions can be asked:

  1. Is it feasible?
  2. What’s the deadline?
  3. What asssts and skills are missing?

Finally in term of budget:

  • How much will this cost?

This process is iterative but it’s a good approximation.

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Note that you can walk around using the WASD keys of your keyboard. It also works, obviously, in VR.

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