ttw MozillaAllHandsInHawaii2016 December 2016

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Own objectives

  1. learn what Mozilla is (goals and resources)
  2. meet the rest of the MozillaVR team
  3. discover how I can help more efficiently
  4. better understand the stack

Attended activities


  • takes a lot of efforts to make a browser
    • even more to make 2, 3, etc
      • Firefox
      • Fennec
      • Firefox Focus
      • Servo
      • Servo experimental build with WebVR support
      • etc
  • thanks to the efforts needed Mozilla provides a huge network of tools and knowledge
    • e.g. bar discussion with some people of the release team working on Nix
    • plenty of similar discussions during the week
      • platform efforts
      • education efforts
      • evangelisation efforts
  • WebVR is part of the Emerging Technology part of Mozilla Research
  • WebVR is valued
    • mention in the keynote as part Mozilla research efforts
    • discussion about additional resources dedicated
  • difficulty of judging emerging technologies
    • having to plan years in advance without established metrics
  • price is still a pain point to solve, even with Cardboards
    • brought Cardboard from Belgium to offer to volunteers in India and Bangladesh giving workshops
  • optimisation is required at all levels of the stack
    • layout (CSS, WebGL)
    • racing the beam (WebVR)
  • devtools are required for WebVR also
    • upcoming in-VR version of the Aframe inspector
    • also required for testing
      • think HMD+6 dof controllers telemetry applied to Q&A
  • quality content creation required
    • e.g. A-blast demonstrated then
    • proof of the potential of the tools
    • more components expected in the registry before the end of the year
    • asset store equivalent needed and coming but probably only once the registry is well established
  • forcing to go up and down the stack requires mastery of a large technical network of concepts
    • presenting
    • compositing
    • layout
  • WebVR is providing a stepping stone for WebAR

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • browser(s) as platform
  • contacts in different areas for different needs (tech, education, etc)
  • just the start of WebVR

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