Initial result : minimal narrative with direct result to explore and boundaries.

Issues following the 1st attempt (13 February 2017)

  • text, even if illustrated, seems not to be engaging enough
    • lot of skimming then unable to figure out the "next" step e.g. end of the page and moving to another one
  • gap between interaction visuals and code
  • unable to directly manipulate visuals
  • mostly interesting for non developers
    • see potentially Object.getOwnPropertyNames(AFRAME) below
  • difficulty with assets

See also Object.getOwnPropertyNames(AFRAME)

Note that Object.getOwnPropertyNames(AFRAME) is not interactive for now. It could be changed by e.g. looking at a component enables it on the last selected entity.

Know issues

  • impossible save so trying in VR on another device (e.g. Cardboard) will not work with the new values
  • impossible to drag the object around (could be done via the Inspector but then hides the narrative) and see the slider be updated accordingly

Motivation as a tweet

Using own past work

and "explorable" movement

to make a WebVR explorable

as workshop material.

Potential solutions

  • In VR scene selection and path debugging presented during ViveDevBXLSession1
  • grabbable box with editable coordinates displayed and constantly updated
    • visually distinct spaces the box can be moved in
    • lot less intuitive without room scale controllers
    • difference with the position exercise of VR Inception School?
  • navigate in a landscape of concepts (cf Tweet), gather concepts in a backpack as reusables items
  • escape room

Criteria, what makes an explorable an explorable

  • guided pedagogical result?
  • controllers giving the ability to explore beyond the expected outcome?
  • visual result?

See instead :

  • showing the behavior of a system
  • seeing all variables at once
  • multiple representations for the same behavior
  • directly interacting with behavior

Own need to better learn about explorables

  • VR curriculum oriented explorables
    • e.g. geometry, linear algebra, ECS pattern, etc

See also