To improve

  • clarify key concepts of the environment
    • using short animations e.g.
  • cloning
  • live reloading
  • consequences of have your own URLs
    • bookmark code to keep it
    • share code with others

Feedback from participants at the end of the workshop

All participants (minus one who had to leave early on Sunday at lunch time) wrote down anonymously on a piece of paper their 3 favourites points and 3 worst points :

3 Good points

3 Bad points

  • VR is really interesting for the future, your explications are simple and clear
  • I felt a little bit lost without mindmap
  • I don't know where I can find the files
  • Balance theory/practice
  • Google Cardboard
  • Cool presentor
  • Comparison with other frameworks
  • Strong sharing of knowledge
  • Quality of the materials
  • Philosophy, attitude of the trainer
  • Poor guidance on javascript (but maybe not the purpose of the course)
  • Low interaction between the participants
  • Discovering "your" own knowledge, step by step
  • HTML language, true coding, super
  • No time to continue at home, for pratice. Suggestion Master class I 2x Saturdays + work for next week. Masterclass II full weekend
  • Really good topics + well ordered presentation
  • JSBin was a great way to work
  • Was an awesome workshop, well done!
  • Some exercises, e.g. Firebase, were a bit difficult to translate into our own sketches so a bit more build up + details would be good
  • Efficient
  • Perfect build up
  • Funny
  • Nothing

Demos from participants

Improved since

What helped

  • having a planning with notification (screenshot at the end of day 1 and after re-organisation)
  • being able to update that planning and re-organize lessons for the next day based on a clear path
    • i.e. ECS with declarative part first and only going beyond the framework when existing components are pushed at their limits
  • being able to use my own wiki with headers, footers, 360 photo cookbook
  • being able to deliver CORS enabled content
  • musing on to study and explore (cf playlist), music off to discuss and summarize the last exercise