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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




Interactive visual interface



  1. populate a list L
    with instance I of OIMP
    pmWiki references, beginning text, list of connected I
  2. define a list A of actions a for l
  3. define a list A' that the current user u can undertake on each l of L
  4. define a representation R for each element l of L
    each parameters r of R corresponds to the value of l
    r.size() = l.length()
    r.color() = l.theme()
    (use the list of interviews in the notebook)
  5. position each l of L on a limited canvas C
    position.y = l.()
    position.x = l.()
    position.z = l.popularity() //z being faked with opacity
  6. draw with a meaningful animation over T (t being a certain timestep of appearance in T)
    t = l.timeofcreation()
    (one common animation behavior)

Current technical underlying components

(for upcoming ones check Seedea.Architecture)

To do

Bonuses to integrate

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