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My personal cognitive scaffolding

Fundamental concepts treeRediscovered conceptsNew conceptsSoftware ToolsPersonal Information Stream
Those are the most fundamentals concepts that I have known for a long time and used with a consistency basis (note : this is an on-going OIMP task).Those are concepts that I already knew but re-encountered recently and now view with a new perspective. I consider them important enough to study them more again.Those are concepts that I encountered recently and never before. I consider them important enough to want to be able to note them for later further use.Software tools I use on a daily basis.New online version on my previous desktop work. I organize how I manage information in the form of a stream/flow.

Theoretically concepts from Rediscovered concepts and New concepts that are used extremely often should be integrated in Fundamental concepts tree.

Ideally everything should be automatized as a sub-part of the Fundamental concepts tree project.


Online gallery of visual tools I used or am currently using. Most of them are desktop wallpapers in order to have perpetual reminders but also to organize icons in a more useful way.


You can even subscribe to newly posted visual tools with the RSS flux.

Automatic inclusion

If you really want to go further you can embed the visualization as your desktop. One quick way to do so is to

  1. make a script to
    1. download the visual
    2. set it as a wallpaper
    3. refresh the desktop
  2. start this script every X minutes

Fusion FCT + Wiki updates + + Net Weather?

Example of script under Windows to handle with at or schtasks

    wget -Oc:\desktop-wallpaper-autoupdate.gif
    "c:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view32.exe" "c:\desktop-wallpaper-autoupdate.gif" /convert="c:\desktop-wallpaper-autoupdate.bmp"
    RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters

See also potential evolution to 3D desktops like Bumptop (very nice "just small inclination" idea)

Summarized layout

Cognitive scaffolding =



(see the Low-quality network copping mechanisms project)

Future improvements


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