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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




Seedea : leveraging EE on your cognitive swarm


Associate APIs to a specific usage within Seedea, the focus is to foster those new automated tool in order to favorably allow innovation and creativity (NOT to use yet another new trendy API).

wiki-based (content to work on and mechanisms themselves) MAS

Services should help to work on CAEE :

  1. annotate difference over time (mutations) of a theory
specificityAWS sipstatistically improbably phrase
authorshippmwikistats on updates
core highlighterfind and highlight the invariant of an idea by?SIP that stays over time
new software toolsinternalYahoo!Pipe to aggregate (freshmeat,sourceforge and gitweb) and filter(on keywords) or used specialized reps( ), see also Wakoopa
re-callerdisplay and discard or keep pieces of information of a list pagebased on tools and memorization research (forgetting curve and autobiographical memory)
selectordisplay and discard or keep pieces of information of a list pagebased on tools and investing research (like market-based products)

feedback loop

	auto-adjusting based on user response (as discussed clearly in DI05)

use the phylogenic view restricted to creativity

	to find the key tools to transform to bot/services
		in the correct order (based on similar pattern!) for
			faster engineering
			have better acceptance

make the word cloud microservice subscribed by default to utopiah (and unsubscribable only by him thus asking identification when "x" by someone)

	signal the wiki that we start handling it (start the visual spider animation, clikable to have details on the "ongoing work")
	handle the idea	content ("per idea" or "per idea per user"?)
	save in Oimp-nodeas.nodeafunc-oimpname-uniqmicroservicename-nodeomicroserviceversion (thus having a compatible history of updates too, should enable to see an evolution over time)
	check the notification method and use it
	log whatever is required wherever it is required 
	signal the wiki that we finished handling it

then produce a generic template to repeat it for other APIs


Using a personal notation like "nodea" (proposed during the early research period) or "microservices" could give more uniqueness but could also be confusing at the same time ("yet another term").


UsagePotential APIComment
Suggestion enginescf dedicated section in the creativity articleSpecialized engines should be based on the category detected (cf following service)
Correct vocabulary?Very basic but still useful especially for professional presentation.
Abbreviationabbreviations.comFacilitate micro-blogging/SMS conversion
NameName MasherDoes not seem to provide an API so far!
CategoryuClassifySuggest one or many categories amongst : technology, science, philosophy, art, ...
Word cloud?Having a quick view of the content of the page.
Link shareAddThisBeing able to share interesting ideas with others quickly.
Literacy review?Check the length of the sentences and infer on the expected public.
Non-Seedea microservices trackingWakoopaBeing able to track tools but based on local running softwares, not internal or external services.


Structuring methodologyPresence of keywords and length of their associated sections.Check if the user added key structuring elements (title, keyword, visual, references, etc).
Activity methodologyLong-term statistics of usage and suggestion based on patterns of successes and failures.Used to keep the user focused on his task.
Opportunity time slice detectorProbability of lowest edit moment based on activity statistics.Used to make suggestions without disturbing the user.
Concept tracking(CAEE based) Exploiting bibliographic data to track back the origin of the key component of the ideaProviding a visual but also suggestions (see how other fields previously helped the discipline progress, Suggest similar paper, ...)
Services suggestion(CAEE based) See what user with similar method or interested liked recently (Ev. Epistemic Actions?).Evolve the network of services based on personal usage.
Services weathercheck periodically the status of each service (and compare it to the overall situationFreq X or with event Y : try <test-value,expected-result> then do A or B. Also store the response time, compute its average and its evolution over time (to predict degrading performances and provide a potential alternative solution).
CAEE methodologyCombining the previous services to maximize efficiency.Our core real core added value : methodology (EE) supported by tools (AI netMAS)

In general see WikiBot regarding internal mechanisms.


Microservices gradual introduction

Introduce microservices (bots/nodeas/affordances/epistemic actions) gradually to users based on results from CAEE.

Simulating the Ontogenic View (OV) based on Phylogenic View (PV) studied. Eventually Mixed View (MV) can be used to initialize a user account (using another user as a model).

This chronological approach should facilitate adoptions of microservices more efficiently.

To do

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