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Collaborative software agent within a wiki environment in order to foster Human-Computer Stigmergy.


Layers Internal Computers Humans

API handling

callbacks used after content updates (node saved, simpler than network traversing)

OpenCyc, Google, Swicki, Wikipedia, DBpedia, Citizendium, Scholarpedia, Alltop, Delicious, Google Alerts, OpenSearch, Similarpedia, ...

developer of the plugin


wiki, allows for direct editing by users write : node (direct or as a results from the network traversing) read : user modification, provides feedback to the plugin




Each WikiBot is an agent providing for Seedea (thus build with the meta-module to do it more efficiently). The goal is to provide stigmergy from the Seedea platform.

Each user would also be able to adapt bots for his own ideas and expected behavior (+/- information, +/- updated frequently, provide direct suggestion and feedback, etc).



UsagePotential APIComment
Suggestion enginescf dedicated section in the creativity articleSpecialized engines should be based on the category detected (cf following service)
Correct vocabulary?Very basic but still useful especially for professional presentation.
Abbreviationabbreviations.comFacilitate micro-blogging/SMS conversion
NameName MasherDoes not seem to provide an API so far!
CategoryuClassifySuggest one or many categories amongst : technology, science, philosophy, art, ...
Word cloud?Having a quick view of the content of the page.
Link shareAddThisBeing able to share interesting ideas with others quickly.
Literacy review?Check the length of the sentences and infer on the expected public.
Non-Seedea microservices trackingWakoopaBeing able to track tools but based on local running softwares, not internal or external services.

Check the dedicated page : Services.

Feedback mechanism and auto-organization


Test it here, our MetaModuleData.WikiBot


To do

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