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Internet Creativity

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When Mao kindly asked me to contribute to Snap2Objects few things rushed to my mind :

  1. wow it's new and I can fail
  2. hmmm, could I use something old I did before?
  3. what are the rules?

Those are probably questions you ask yourself all day long for everything. What I think they really mean is :

  1. I am scared
  2. I am lazy
  3. I need support

Those are dangerous habits. They make you stick with what you know. If you stick with what you already know, innovation will be a difficult path. You have to take control and discipline yourself with better habits. Get inspired by quality work, be surrounded by excellence. Aim for improvement.

Now my mindset is :

  1. Let's try, I will learn a lot in the process!
  2. I want to make to make something new and create a masterpiece!
  3. I define the rules!

Thanks to this I already feel ready to take the challenge. Now it's time to make this so-called "masterpiece".

It does look like some innocent motivation but I think it makes all the difference. You don't do any kind of activity without first a phase of warm-up, being Olympic-level sport to abstract painting, having the ideal mindset is fundamental.

Internet Creativity

What is it really?

Why it matters


Problems to overcome

From the old to the state of the art


Reaching the state of the art faster (thanks to tools, cf refs) but remembering that "recently popular" doesn't mean "fresh/really new".

Warning : the article is NOT a list of urls, they should probably be but in the end of the article as reference if we don't want the reader to loose focus.

How you can exploit it




Going further


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  3. article by Mao
  4. paper

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