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We blog in order to go further in our thinking process and to have social feedback on our ideas. Some articles are published on other platforms while other are only published here. Ideas for future writings are often explored in our analysis.

If you have suggestions on topic, do not hesitate.

Published articles

Preparing articles

  1. Internet Creativity (published April 09 on Snap2Objects)
  2. guest blog on - Toward Free Network Services, in order to help to bring people in more efficiently and to learn first-hand
    1. Articles by the community for the community
    2. Handling the monopoly effects of network externalities
    3. Making users data free
    4. Exploiting the competitive advantage of the FaiF Cloud
  3. The pitfalls of an innovation project
    1. not being used to generate ideas
      1. lack of confidence
      2. lack of method and tools
      3. lack of motivation
    2. not being used to seize opportunities
      1. not knowing how to select ideas
    3. expecting the idea to become a project by itself
      1. not being able to build a prototype
      2. not being able to manage priorities
      3. not communicating enough
    4. being too personal with an idea
      1. not knowing when to let go
      2. sticking with names, logos and other personifications
      3. being too secretive
  4. Reflecting on the past 10 months, from the lessons learned to what has still to be discovered
  5. From MAS to Internet in the end of 2008
    1. current situation
      1. open APIs, respository of APIs
      2. Mashups to use multiple APIs from different systems
      3. Mashups repostory
      4. established mechanisms : microformat, REST, XML-RPC, OAuth, ...
    2. what have we learned from previous MAS research?
    3. what can we do now?
      1. is a massive MAS based on Web APIs feasible?
      2. does it already exist?
      3. what can we benefit from using one, building one?
      4. what are the drawbacks (compared to what?)
    4. references
      1. course on MAS from the UTC : IA04 (especially the "Agents vs Web services" part)
      2. the mashup guide and its blog by Raymond Lee
      3. Mashable
      4. Proceedings of SPQAu'07 (eventually on-going results too)
      5. AgentAPI : an API for the development of managed agents, Rui PedroLopes, José Luís Oliveira, est. 2002
      6. more recent research papers?
  6. Added value and the risk of going too "low-level"
    1. ValueChain
    2. RoadMap
    3. EntryPoint
    4. ServerLog
    5. ...but NOT the other way around even if we (finally) received a new component!
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