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Data matrix

see also AImatrix


Collect the key repositories of easy to interesting, accurate, large and easy exploit datasets.

PS : individual specialized dataset should not be listed here, only repositories.

Encompassing structure


NameSpecificityInstitutionSizeLast update
CKANHandling datasets as packages and having its own "client" datapkg*Open Knowledge Foundation (irc)860 registered packageslive
The Map of Data by Sindice?DERI??
Linked Data Sets as RDF Dumpsfrom the ESW WikW3C??
Public DatasetsDedicated to EC2 usageAmazon AWS??
Free Redistributable Rich Data Setsnot always easy to use because of scarce data or "old"
data sets"for people with large data sets"
datasets from ManyEyes?IBM??
Data.govrestricted to the USA, no mention of DARPA data (as of June 2009)US government?? to the UK???
Twine?Radar Networks??
Community Open Data Tablesprepared for Yahoo's YQLYahoo/community-driven??
Datasets from Programming For PeaceDatasets specialized in political conflictsMultiple research groups<10?
NYTimes Linked Open DataSKOS File + APINew York Times?live
Concept Webrelying on wiki structureWikiProfessional1 Million?
LinkedData.orgprovides a (non-working...) RSS feedadministered by Tom Heath??
ScraperWikiwiki with scapers to configure???

||Name||Specificity||Institution||Size||Last update|| * Systems installed on Seedea.


Most (if not all?) are linked to one specific set of well formatted datasets, be sure to check if the data your want are there of easy to convert first.


To do

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